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How to Finish Trial No. 1 in Zenless Zone Zero

How to Finish Trial No. 1 in Zenless Zone Zero

    Last Updated on July 7, 2024

Dive into Zenless Zone Zero and embark on an adventure that’s both rewarding and challenging as you tackle Trial No. 1. Designed to test your strategic finesse and understanding of the game’s mechanics, Trial No. 1 offers a bounty of rewards that are well worth the effort.

Navigating to Trial No. 1 in Zenless Zone Zero

Finding your way to Trial No. 1 might feel like a quest all on its own, but worry not. To get started, open the Compendium from your game menu. Once there, swap over to the Primer section. Here, you’ll see Trial No. 1 beckoning.

Task Breakdown for Trial No. 1 in Zenless Zone Zero

Trial No. 1 consists of a series of five tasks, each with its unique objective:

  1. Upgrade a W-Engine to level 10
    • Visit the Agents area, select Equipment, and then Enhance to beef up your W-Engine.
  2. Complete Main Commission The Proxy and the Hare
    • Dive into this mission via the HDD System at your home base.
  3. Go to Waterfall Soup for some noodles
    • After aiding General Chop in the Prologue, stop by the noodle shop outside the video store for this simple but quirky task.
  4. Complete one Exploration and one Combat commission
    • Through the HDD System, take on commissions like Investigation: The Ultimate Collections and Combat: Logistics Disaster.
  5. Upgrade an Agent to level 10
    • Utilize Investigator Logs to power up an agent of your choice.

Detailed Steps for Completing Each Task:

To sail smoothly through Trial No. 1 in Zenless Zone Zero, let’s break down these duties:

  1. Upgrading W-Engines: Jump into the Agents section, click on Equipment, and enhance your W-Engine. Remember, you’ll need W-Engine Power Sources for the upgrade, earnable through missions or the swifter route—redeeming codes.
  2. Main Commission: The Proxy and the Hare: You’ll find this challenge in the HDD System. With a recommended Agent level of 10 and a preference for Ether and Ice attributes (they’re the enemies’ kryptonite), success hinges on finding the Strongbox and scooping up Hollow Observation Data.
  3. Waterfall Soup Noodles: Post-prologue, when the noodle shop unlocks, swing by and grab a bowl. It’s part of the local flavor and your task lineup!
  4. Exploration and Combat Commissions: For an exploration spree, “Investigation: The Ultimate Collections” is your ticket, while “Combat: Logistics Disaster” gets you into the fray. Both are found via the HDD System and in the Inter-Knot under Help Request Info.
  5. Agent Upgrades: To get an Agent up to level 10, you’ll need Investigator Logs. These are part and parcel of commission victories and also up for grabs at the Convenience Store.

Utilizing the ‘Go’ Button Feature:

In Zenless Zone Zero, the ‘Go’ button is your compass through Trial No. 1. Simply click it, and you’ll zip right to the task location, waving goodbye to any navigation woes.

Claiming Rewards After Completing Trial No. 1 in Zenless Zone Zero

Once you’ve ticked off all five tasks, it’s time to claim your just desserts. Rewards are waiting in the task interface—collect them to reap the benefits:

  • 50 Polychrome
  • 1 Master Tape
  • 2 Senior Investigator Logs
  • 10,000 Denny

These spoils bolster your gameplay, elevating your Zenless Zone Zero journey.


Conquering Trial No. 1 in Zenless Zone Zero is a test of wits and will power, sure to leave you richer in loot and experience. By following these steps, you stand poised to claim victory and set the stage for even grander adventures in New Eridu. Gather your Agents, sharpen your strategies, and step boldly into the fray—success is yours for the taking!

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