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WWE 2k24 Elimination Chamber: Complete Guide

WWE 2k24 Elimination Chamber: Complete Guide

    Last Updated on March 21, 2024

Step into the ring of the WWE 2k24 Elimination Chamber, where the stakes are as high as the steel structure that encloses you. This iconic match type, a favorite since its inception in 2002, challenges you to outlast five other superstars in a grueling test of endurance and strategy.

With this guide, you’ll learn the ropes of the WWE 2k24 Elimination Chamber, ensuring you’re equipped to claim victory and earn your shot at wrestling glory.


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The Elimination Chamber Rules in WWE 2k24

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The Elimination Chamber follows a set of rules that dictate the flow of this intense 6-man event. You can achieve victory through pinfall or submission. Two wrestlers will start the match and additional competitors will enter the ring as the clock counts down. Unlike War Games, you can eliminate wrestlers at any point during the match.

The Elimination Chamber Match Experience in WWE 2k24

Competing in the Elimination Chamber is an exhilarating experience that offers multiple ways to gain the upper hand. You can use the environment of the chamber itself to your advantage. You can throw opponents into the steel walls or slam them onto the unforgiving floor. Mastering these environmental attacks is key to weakening your opponents and securing eliminations.

Key Moves and Strategies in the Elimination Chamber

In the WWE 2k24 Elimination Chamber, you can expand your arsenal of standard wrestling moves thanks to the chamber itself. Utilize the chamber to inflict maximum damage by Irish Whipping opponents into the unforgiving steel structure. To execute this, grab your opponent near the ropes and launch them toward the chamber wall. Be prepared to follow up with slams and finishers on the hard floor for added impact.

Special Finishers in the Elimination Chamber

The WWE 2k24 Elimination Chamber also allows for spectacular finishers that can turn the tide of the match. One of the most crowd-pleasing moves is the spear through the pod.

To perform this, you’ll need at least one stored finisher, an empty pod, and precise timing to whip your opponent against the pod before delivering the devastating blow. Successfully executing this move not only damages your opponent but also provides an opportunity for a pin attempt.


The WWE 2k24 Elimination Chamber is a battleground where legends are made. With this guide, you’re now ready to step up and dominate the competition. Remember to use the environment to your advantage, execute your moves with precision, and stay vigilant for opportunities to unleash your finishers.

Master the chamber, outlast your opponents, and emerge as the last superstar standing in one of WWE’s most challenging and rewarding match types.

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