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How to Remove Turnbuckles in WWE 2k24

How to Remove Turnbuckles in WWE 2k24

    Last Updated on March 22, 2024

In the high-stakes world of WWE 2k24, mastering every element of the ring can give you the upper hand in your quest for wrestling supremacy. Among these elements, the WWE 2k24 turnbuckle stands out as a game-changer.

The turnbuckle can become a weapon in your arsenal, offering a strategic advantage that could swing the match in your favor. In this guide, we will discuss how to remove and expose Turnbuckles in WWE 2k24.


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The Role of Turnbuckles in WWE 2k24

Turnbuckles in WWE 2k24 serve a dual purpose. Realistically, they are integral to the ring’s structure, holding and tightening the ropes. However, you can also use them for offense and dealing extra damage to your opponents. By removing the protective padding. You can expose the turnbuckle and use it to deliver increased damage to your opponents, adding a layer of strategy to your matches.

How to Remove The Turnbuckle in WWE 2k24

Exposing a turnbuckle in WWE 2k24 is a straightforward process but requires the right timing. To remove the turnbuckle padding, approach any corner of the ring.

Afterward, press the designated button combination for your gaming platform—RT and LB for Xbox, R2 and L1 for PlayStation, or Space and U for PC. Ensure your opponent is incapacitated before attempting this, as leaving yourself open could lead to a swift counterattack.

Considerations When Removing Turnbuckles

When you decide to remove a turnbuckle in WWE 2k24, timing is everything. You must ensure your opponent is down and unlikely to interrupt your actions. The process of exposing the turnbuckle is quick in the game. However, if your opponent recovers too soon, you might find yourself on the receiving end of their wrath. Always assess the situation in the ring before making your move to expose the turnbuckle.

Utilizing Exposed Turnbuckles in Combat

With the WWE 2k24 turnbuckle exposed, you unlock a range of offensive maneuvers. You can execute Irish Whips or running attacks to slam your opponents into the exposed metal, dealing significant damage.

However, be cautious—there’s always a risk that your opponent might reverse your attack, turning your own strategy against you. Use exposed turnbuckles judiciously to maintain control of the match.


Leveraging the turnbuckles in WWE 2k24 can dramatically alter the flow of a match, giving you an edge over your opponents. By following this guide, you’ll know exactly when and how to expose a turnbuckle, turning the ring itself into a weapon.

Remember to stay vigilant and use this tactic wisely, as the tides of battle can turn quickly in the WWE universe. Master the art of the turnbuckle, and you’ll be well on your way to becoming a WWE champion.

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