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How to Perform Combos in WWE 2k24

How to Perform Combos in WWE 2k24

    Last Updated on March 24, 2024

In the action-packed world of WWE 2k24, executing combos is a fundamental skill that can elevate your performance and thrill the audience. Combos in WWE 2k24 are a blend of timing, precision, and knowledge of your wrestler’s move set.

Whether you’re aiming to dominate in the Showcase of the Immortals or simply want to outmaneuver your opponent in the ring, mastering the art of the combo is key to your success.


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How to Perform Combos in WWE 2k24

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To unleash combos in WWE 2k24, start with a light attack using the X/Square button and chain it with a sequence of button presses. There are three main types of combos to master: Light Combos, which are easier to execute. Heavy Combos, which deal more damage; and Grapple Combos, which are devastating moves like DDTs and Suplexes. Each superstar has their own unique combo sequences, which you can find in the Combo option of the pause menu.

How to Perform Light Combos

Light combos in WWE 2k24 are your bread-and-butter attacks that can be executed with relative ease. To perform a light combo, tap the light attack button (X/Square) repeatedly. These combos typically require four consecutive hits to complete the sequence.

Light combos are quick and can keep your opponent on the defensive. However, you should be aware that seasoned opponents may be able to reverse these attacks if you become too predictable.

How to Perform Heavy Combos

Heavy combos are more powerful and can significantly damage your opponent when landed successfully. To execute a heavy combo in WWE 2k24, you’ll need to start with the light attack button (X/Square) and then finish the sequence with a heavy attack button (A/X).

Heavy combos are ideal for when your opponent’s stun meter is nearly full, as they are less likely to be reversed. This allows you to capitalize on their vulnerable state.

How to Perform Grapple Combos

Grapple combos involve using your wrestler’s grappling skills to execute more complex and damaging moves. To initiate a grapple combo in WWE 2k24, begin with a light attack (X/Square) and then transition into a grapple (B/Circle).

Grapple combos typically require two or three button inputs and can include moves like DDTs, Neckbreakers, Suplexes, and Slams. These moves are some of the most impactful in the game and can quickly shift the momentum in your favor.

Timing Combos Perfectly in WWE 2k24

The secret to landing combos in WWE 2k24 lies in your timing. Press the buttons just as the previous strike lands, one at a time, to maintain the flow of the combo. Avoid button mashing, as it can disrupt the sequence. With practice, you’ll learn the rhythm of your favorite superstar’s combos, allowing you to execute them seamlessly during matches.

How to Block Opponent Combos in WWE 2k24

Defending against combos in WWE 2k24 is just as crucial as executing them. When your opponent initiates a combo, a prompt will appear over your wrestler’s head. This indicates the correct button to press to block the incoming attack.

Additionally, you can use the Y/Triangle button to block, similar to how you would defend against weapon attacks. Timing is critical for a successful block. So stay alert and press the right button at the precise moment to avoid taking significant damage.


Mastering combos in WWE 2k24 can turn the tide of any match, giving you the upper hand against even the toughest opponents. By practicing the execution and timing of combos, as well as how to block your opponent’s attacks. You’ll become a formidable competitor in the ring.

So step into the squared circle, ready your combos, and prepare to unleash a symphony of strikes that will lead you to victory in WWE 2k24.

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