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How to Break the Ring in WWE 2k24

How to Break the Ring in WWE 2k24

    Last Updated on March 21, 2024

In WWE 2k24, the spectacle of breaking the ring stands as one of the most jaw-dropping moments a player can experience. This feat, reminiscent of iconic events in WWE history, allows you to showcase your superstar’s strength in a way that leaves the virtual crowd—and your opponents—stunned.

Learning how to break the ring in WWE 2k24 is not just about the awesomeness; it’s a strategic move that can instantly win you the match.


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Picking the Right Superstars

To successfully break the ring in WWE 2k24, your choice of superstars is crucial. You’ll need to select a Super Heavyweight class opponent—think of the likes of Yokozuna or Kane—to ensure they’re hefty enough for the ring to collapse under the impact. Your own character must also be strong enough to execute the move, so opt for a Heavyweight or higher to carry out this show-stopping maneuver.

Preparing for the Ring Break

Before you attempt to break the ring in WWE 2k24, it’s essential to wear down your opponent. Inflict enough damage to their head and body to ensure they won’t be able to counter your setup. Aim for at least an orange damage level, but red is the safest bet to guarantee your opponent stays down long enough for you to perform the Superplex.

Executing the Superplex

The key move to break the ring in WWE 2k24 is the Superplex. To execute this move, first, Irish Whip your opponent into the corner by grappling with Circle/B and then pressing the same button again while directing them with the left stick.

Once they’re dazed in the corner, flick the right stick upward to place them on the top rope. Then, press the right face button to perform the Superplex and watch as the ring collapses under the sheer force.

The Aftermath of Breaking the Ring

Successfully breaking the ring in WWE 2k24 results in an instant win, as your opponent is unable to continue the match. The visual effects that follow are a testament to the power of your superstar. Additionally, it emphasizes the dramatic storytelling that WWE games are known for. Enjoy the moment as the ring lies in ruins, and your superstar stands victorious amidst the chaos.


Mastering how to break the ring in WWE 2k24 is a thrilling achievement. Additionally, it adds an unforgettable highlight to your wrestling career in the game. By carefully selecting your superstars and timing your moves perfectly. You can recreate one of the most iconic moments in WWE history. So step into the ring, ready your Superplex, and prepare to bring the house down—literally—in WWE 2k24.

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