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Solving the Assassin’s Creed Origins Sundial Puzzle

Solving the Assassin’s Creed Origins Sundial Puzzle

    Last Updated on February 24, 2023

The Assassin’s Creed Origins Sundial puzzle is a tricky one, but why is it so hard? Collaborations in video games have a so-so history. Don’t let it come as a surprise when popular figures from other games pop-up in another.

The reasons could be developer respect, admiration for the character, or just a deal between them. One such collaboration method is the integration of special quests in the game itself.

Though this method seemed tacked on, it provides a generous amount of fan service. If done right, the players are rewarded with a sense of achievement, and a pleasant surprise. Assassin’s Creed is no stranger when it comes to collaborating with popular games or media. Some games have characters, outfits, and symbols referenced within them. Let’s delve into a collaboration between Assassin’s Creed and Final Fantasy.

A Gift from the Gods

In the game Assassin’s Creed: Origins, you are dropped into the Ptolemaic Dynasty of Ancient Egypt. In the vast game map, the location of interest is within the Saqqara Nome region. This region is located in the Eastern portion of the map, to the west of the Memphis region. Saqqara’s significance is Rudjek’s place of death at the hands of Bayek. 

Once you enter the region, the map should pick up a quest diamond symbol colored green. Normal quest diamonds are white, with harder ones colored red. The green symbol is marked for the collaboration quest. Once near the green marker, a cutscene triggers. A meteorite fragment flies towards a rock face and impacts near it. Interacting with the landing site will start the quest.

Image of Desert AC Origins Sundial
Via Assassin’s Creed Origins Fandom Wiki

Searching Clues and Solutions for the AC Origins Sundial Puzzle

When you approach the site, you will see that the rockface has exposed an entrance. Approach the low clearing and enter it—this leads Bayek into a tomb. You come across a short slope and before going down you see a portrait on the wall. The portrait depicts a sundial with a Roman numeral of 15 which is XV. 

The sundial can be found right outside the tomb. After exiting the tomb, you can find this structure to the left of the tomb’s entrance. Once you take a short walk from the tomb, you reach the sundial area and it’s a replica of the portrait. This sundial area sports the sundial, and the five spires depicted in the portrait. 

The Final Part

The first part of the solution to this puzzle is that you need to be at the right time. To get to the next part, you need it to be daytime. A quick way to get to daytime is to also use Dawn & Dusk to skip the time. Only use this ability if it’s currently nighttime when you start the quest. Three spires on the left side and front will open up to show a blue glow within. 

The second and final part of the solution is the spire across the sundial. In the portrait, the Roman numeral is underneath the front spire. After that, out your bow and shoot the exposed glow of the front spire three times. Doing this shoots beams into the sky, this is when you go back to a changed tomb. 

The tomb reveals a secret portion, and this is the end of the quest. You receive a weapon, an armor piece, and a mount. These rewards are references to the Final Fantasy franchise.

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