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Persona 5 Walkthrough Kamoshida’s Palace 

Persona 5 Walkthrough Kamoshida’s Palace 

    Last Updated on April 5, 2023

Persona 5 is full of Palaces with complex puzzles. Most of these puzzles require you to rack your brains to move forward. While some of the puzzles are solvable in an easier way, most are too difficult to figure out. That is why I will give you this Persona 5 Walkthrough.

Even I had some difficulty figuring out most Palaces. There are multiple times wherein I felt so lost, and that is embarrassing for a Phantom Thief. But hey, that is where we come in. Here is an easy-to-follow Persona 5 Walkthrough to help fellow Phantom Thieves. 

Kamoshida’s Palace Walkthrough

Iamge of Kamoshidas Palace
  • Central Hall

Now it’s time to enter the Palace. Go to the left side of it and climb in through the window that you used to get in and out of before. When you’re in the room, head out the doors and into the room across from you, and then through the door in that room.

  • West Building 1F

Head down the hall towards the room with enemies in it. Keep going through, and you’ll reach a safe room. There will be two enemies in the following room, so deal with them how you wish. You should go to the other door in the room and then down the hall. 

  • West Building 2F

Climb up the spiral staircase and into the well-lit hall. Follow Mona’s instructions to sneak up on the enemy while hidden behind cover. There are two enemies in this hallway. In the next room, there are pillars with black metal goats with red eyes on them. 

You can interact with these goats to get a map of the palace. Use your Third Eye ability to see which chains you have to pull. There are two pairs, and you should pull the left one for both pairs. Once the gate is up, collect the map and head to the next hall.

  • Central Hall

Use your Third Eye ability to get a feel for what you can climb. Climb up the bookshelf opposite the gate and run above the floors by jumping off of platforms and chandeliers. Keep moving along and climb down on the opposite side the same way you got up in the first place.

East Building 2F Persona 5 Kamoshida’s Palace

In this area, Mona will teach you how to tell how strong a Shadow is using your third eye ability. There will be a total of three Shadows leading up to the stairs, use this technique to pick your battles. Follow the path to the next area. The exit is at the southeast corner of the large room. 

In the next room, the door will be locked from the other side. To go through, you need to climb up the shelves and go through a vent up against the wall to the west. Follow it and ambush the enemy on the other side before opening the treasure chest. Head through the doors to the staircase.

  • East Building 3F

There is a safe room and a Shadow at the top of the staircase. Get to the room on the other side of the safe room. Inside will be a book on the bookshelf that stands out. From there, continue down the other part of the hallway and through the door.

In this area, there are two rooms you can enter. Go to both of them and take the books to the bookshelves. The northwest room will have The Queen Book and the southwest room will have The King Book.

Now you should head down the south central hall, and into the room on its east side. Inside the room, you’ll see bookshelves with three empty spaces. 

Put The Queen Book on the shelf that talks about the high school girls. Put The Slave Book on the shelf that talks about the male students. Lastly, put The King Book on the shelf that talks about Kamoshida.

Inside the room, you will find Kamoshida’s medal and another map. Leave the room and use the medal to open the locked door.

East Building Annex

Image of Persona 5 East Building Annex Kamoshidas Palace

You’re about to face a mini-boss so make sure to go to the safe room first. Once you’ve taken it down, the room will fill with enemies. Now’s a good time to sneak back to save and heal before continuing.

Move to the east side of the room and towards the north until you see wooden planks moving up toward boxes.

You can climb up those and scale up to the next floor. Use your Third Eye to see where you can climb. Your goal is to climb up the pillars and jump across and around to the opposite side of the room. 

There’s a type of crossing way towards the south of the room that lets you cross the gap. The door is on the northwest side of the second level. At the bottom of the stairwell is a locked chest and a Shadow. You need to head up the stairs and through the door. 

  • Roof

The door is locked, but you can climb up the boxes to the left of it to scale up the rooftop. Follow the path, make your way up into the tower window, and head through the doors inside.

Persona 5 Kamoshida’s Palace Central Tower

The Central Tower is split into four parts for the first floor. Head south into the next area. Head into the next room and there’s a treasure chest and a Shadow. Finally, make your way into the fourth room. 

You’ll find a Shadow, a lever to lift the bars from the door, and a safe room. Additionally, a stairway will appear when you approach it to take you to the next floor. The second floor of Central Tower will have two rooms. Head up the stairs to the next floor when you’re able to.

On the third floor,  Inspect the statue of Kamoshida by the archway to the bridge and you’ll find out that you need to find two eyes for it.

Head back down to the previous area and get the first. The Shadow you’re looking for is one of the Captain Knights in gold armor. Find it and take it down to get the Randy Right Eye.

Now, head another floor down. This time there will only be golden Captain Knights, so you’ll have to use your Third Eye ability to find the right one. 

The one with the golden highlight is the one you’re looking for. Beat it and you’ll get the Lustful Left Eye. Once you have both, head back to the statue and put them in. From there, head up the stairs to the top.

On the next floor, you’ll need to go up the stairs. To trigger an interaction, you have to stand exactly at the base of where the stairs would be. Use your minimap to position yourself.

The Throne Room

Head up to the next floor, and you’ll see a Shadow and a treasure chest. You can also use the safe room nearby. From there, it’s undoubtedly a path straight to the treasure. Climb up the statue on the left of the door to make your way into the throne room. 

Once you’ve made your route to the treasure, send the calling card before the deadline at your leisure. It’s best to do this earlier so that you can get it out of the way and free up your friends’ time.

This Persona 5 Walkthrough Will Take Your Heart!

This Persona 5 Walkthrough will walk you through Kamoshida’s Palace, making your job as a Phantom Thief easier. Follow this guide and you will surely get the treasure of Kamoshida. The only thing left for you to do is figure out when to send out your calling card.  

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