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Overwatch 2: How to Win Push Maps

Overwatch 2: How to Win Push Maps

    Last Updated on December 20, 2022

The newest installment of the Overwatch series, Overwatch 2, introduced a lot of unique content. One of the biggest is the introduction of Push Maps. Since the Two-Capture Point (2CP) is no longer available, Blizzard Entertainment replaced it with a more engaging game mode.

The new Push game mode is similar to Payload, but both teams contest the objective at the same time. Since it is a new game mode, some players have a tough time figuring out strategies to win the game. 

But hey, that is what we are here to do. Let us dive deeper into the new game mode: Push. 

What is the Push Game Mode?

Push Map Robot pushing the barricade

Sharing similarities with Payload, the main objective of Push is to move the Robot deep into enemy territory. If the enemy team doesn’t contest the robot, you can continue pushing with it. Upon gaining control of the robot, it will begin to move toward the enemy spawn along a set track, which you can see on the ground. 

The goal is to escort the robot and the barricade to the enemy spawn. You win the game if your team escorts the robot to the enemy spawn. The mechanics of Pull is fairly simple to understand, so you do not have to worry about this too much. 

While Push seems simple at first sight, there are mechanics that you need to account for. The robot can be captured by having one or more allied heroes near it when there are no enemy heroes nearby. 

The robot moves on its own but if the enemy comes to contest the robot, the movement of the robot will stop immediately. The speed of the robot’s movement is not affected by the number of allied heroes nearby. 

Tips and Tricks for Push Maps

Use High Mobility Heroes. High-mobility heroes like Genji, Wrecking Ball, Tracer, and Pharah are effective in Push maps. They can flank, put in some poke damage, and get out without risking their lives.  There are plenty of interconnected pathways that you can use to your advantage in all of the Overwatch 2 Push Maps available live on the servers right now.

Don’t Stay Close Too Much With the Robot. Unlike Payload, you do not need to be babysitting the robot at all times. As long as you are not getting contested, you should let the robot move on its own and have your team push up and take space from the enemy team. Be aggressive and greedy. Take all the kills you want as long as you can get out safely. 

Manage Your Ultimates with Caution. It is very important to manage your ultimate abilities in Push. If you are in Overtime, you should be wary of using too many Ultimates if the enemy can return after a team wipe. Try to time your ultimates to ensure you always have the advantage. Do not let the enemy pull the rug under you with time left to spare. 

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