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Narslene Sewers Chained Echoes Walkthrough

Narslene Sewers Chained Echoes Walkthrough

    Last Updated on December 10, 2023

In Chained Echoes, going through the Narslene Sewers is where you will use Sienna, one of the main characters, on her tough solo mission. This part of the game introduces gamers to many monsters and tough fights that need smart thinking and good moves.


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Sienna’s Trip: Going Through the Sewers

Sienna, with saved-up GS and moves, starts a trip through the Narslene Sewers. Facing tough enemies like Bats and Sewerdivers makes this part of Chained Echoes a real challenge.

Finding treasures like Tin Ores and Magic Overdrives hidden in chests along the path is a good reward. Meeting Glenn and Kylian in the sewers makes the story more interesting as they team up to get into the palace.

Narslene Sewers Chained Echoes Navigation

Knowing what the monsters are strong or weak against, like Bats being tough against water and weak to dark, helps players fight better. Meeting a merchant is important to get the items that heal you during fights in the Narslene Sewers.

You should move east and you will have to fight a bat. Afterward, go south jump onto a raft, and head southwest. Go follow the path north, east, then south and you will see an enormous monster. To your surprise, the monster has Glenn and Kylian in its mouth, you will now work together as a trio.

Keep following the path south until it branches off in two directions. Going south will take you to a chest containing two Magic Overdrives. Going west will bring you into conflict with a Bat and two Sewerdivers. Keep on going west. You’ll see a merchant to the south, and feel free to purchase some restorative items.

To the west, you’ll find a raft, and just before you hop on you’ll receive a warning that you’re about to enter a dangerous territory. Afterward, you will now face Krachan.

Krachan: Boss Guide

Narslene Sewers Chained Echoes Image

Strength: Water

Weakness: Wind

Steal: Copper Nugget (Krachan Physical Tentacle)

The big fight in the Narslene Sewers part of Chained Echoes is against the Krachan. This big monster has many tentacles and one of them can heal the others, making the fight difficult. However, there are some strategies that can make it easier.

You need to focus on the Healing Tentacle first by using your skills to weaken and defeat it. In addition, utilize Wind skills as they deal higher damage. Beating the buffs and staying strong in the fight helps win the Grimoire Shard after beating the Krachan.

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