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How to Use Summons FF15

How to Use Summons FF15

    Last Updated on June 1, 2023

A Final Fantasy game just wouldn’t be worthy to be an entry to the storied franchise without including the Summons. While their names differ from one entry to the next, their basic premise remains the same. They are everyone’s favorite titanic mythical creatures, and sometimes, the source of the magic or elements of the world.

FFX called them Aeons, FF12 referred to them as Espers, while Final Fantasy 15 simply called them Astrals. In this article, we aim to discuss how players can use FF15 Summons. And believe us, it is much different this time around.

FF15 Summons: How They Work

Summons (Astrals in this game) are powerful creatures that can be summoned to help Noctis and his friends in battle. They can deal massive damage to enemies and can even turn the tide of a battle. Much like the Final Fantasy games before, Summons play a huge role in the gameplay and the story of FF15. So much so, that most of the game sees Noctis traveling the world of Eos looking for these mythical creatures.

So, how do FF15 Summons work? Are they just the same as the Final Fantasy games before it? If not, how does it differ? Well, read on as we answer just that.

There are a total of five Summons/Astrals in Final Fantasy 15 that can help you in battle. Don’t worry, we will discuss each of them later on. That said, a number of them will eventually join Noctis in his quest to overthrow the empire and restore peace in Eos. 

Final Fantasy 15 Summons Leviathan

While previous games allow players to simply press a button to use Summons, it isn’t as simple this time around. These Astrals seemingly have minds of their own unlike before and only show up to help whenever a certain circumstance is met. And when you do, you simply have to press a button to trigger the Summon cutscene. Take our word for it, they are all awesome and worth the effort triggering.

Unfortunately, using FF15 Summons isn’t clearly discussed by the game itself, leading to most players simply forgetting or ignoring this truly awesome mechanic.

With that out of the way, let us discuss each obtainable FF15 Summon and how to trigger their appearance. To avoid story spoilers, we will refrain from discussing how to get these Summons/Astrals. Instead, we will just talk about how you can use them in combat.


You can Summon Titan whenever you find yourself in a pinch and your allies are down. The more downed party members, the higher the chance you can Summon Titan. However, he can only appear in large open plains, specifically around Duscae, Pallareth Pass, Ravatogh, and Leide. Lastly, Titan can also make an impactful appearance in the final sections of the game.


Ramuh is perhaps the easiest to Summon in FF15. To Summon Ramuh, you simply have to endure a long battle. The longer the battle and the more you struggle with it, the higher the chance he will pop out. On top of that, unlike other FF15 Summons, Ramuh can appear anywhere. Simply put, he can help you wherever you are.


Leviathan, on the other hand, is arguably the riskiest FF15 Summon. To Summon Leviathan, Noctis must be in a “Danger” state, which means his HP should be at critical levels. Leviathan’s chances of appearing get higher the longer you stay in the Danger state. However, that is easier said than done. Nevertheless, you can also increase her likelihood of appearing whenever you are fighting near large bodies of water.


To Summon Shiva basically involves luck. Shiva’s chance of appearing can be a combination of the three previously discussed Summons/Astrals. You simply just have to hope and pray that it is Shiva that shows up instead of the previous three. That said, like Ramuh, the Ice Astral can appear in almost any location assuming that there is sufficient room for her.


Unlike other FF15 Summons, Bahamut can only appear once, and it is part of the main story itself. This legendary beast will only aid you one time, specifically during the boss battle of Chapter 14. After that, he will not appear anywhere else.

FF15 Summons: Additional Notes

There are actually two more FF15 Summons to mention. However, unlike the five discussed above, triggering them is highly specific, which some may think is not worthy of doing. First is Carbuncle, which only appears on Easy difficulty. This cute Summon will revive you and your team the moment you all go down. The other is fan-favorite Fire Beast, Ifrit. Much like Bahamut, Ifrit only appears once or twice in the whole game. After his particularly memorable scene, he is basically just a side character of Final Fantasy 15.

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