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How to Get the Best Armor in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

How to Get the Best Armor in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

    Last Updated on February 2, 2023

Legendary armor is the highest grade of equipment that you can find in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, and it is arguably the Best Armor you can get. But, we do call them legendary for a reason, so it can be incredibly hard to come by.

If you are wondering what is the best armor in the odyssey, then look no further. Even more, to get the best armor in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, you will need to find legendary sets of armor. All in all, there are four total rarity levels for gear: common, rare, epic, and legendary. 

The game colors the best armor in gold in your inventory. They are also undoubtedly the most powerful items in the entire game.

There are five total armor slots for Kassandra and Alexios in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. These are for the head, arms, torso, waist, and legs. 

Each of the Legendary Sets has five pieces of gear that you have to collect. If you equip all five pieces of a set, you can obtain a certain armor set bonus. This also changes between outfits.

In this Assassin’s Creed Odyssey article, I’m guiding you to the best armor set in the entire game. 

Master’s Artemis Set

This armor is acquired by completing the Daughters of Artemis side quest, which players can start in Phokis. Equipping the full set gives players an additional 15 percent to all their Hunter Abilities. Not only that, but the set emphasizes headshot damage and charged shots with additional damage and boosts, on top of boosting damage against distant combatants.

Athenian War Hero Set

This armor set can be obtained by killing members of the Delian League Cult, which you can only pursue after Episode 3 of the Main Quest. Certain cultists possess pieces of the set, who are the following:

  • Athenian Warrior Helmet: Kodros the Bull in the Mytilene Leader House, Lesbos
  • Athenian War Hero Armor: Iobates the Stoic in Lemnos, in the Hephaistos Islands
  • Athenian War Hero Gauntlets: Brisos at the Salamis Marble Quarry in Salamis Island, Attika
  • Athenian War Hero Belt: Rhexenor the Hand, in “The A-Musing Tale” Side Quest in Athens, Episode 8
  • Athenian War Hero Boots: Podarkes the Cruel in the Mykonos Leader House in Delos, during the “Hades, Meet Podarkes” Side Quest in the Silver Islands

Pirate Set

You can acquire this set by defeating Cultists belonging to the Gods of the Aegean Sea. Targeting them becomes available for Odyssey players to pursue after completing Episode 3 of the Main Quest. Here are each Cultist and the piece of armor they contain.

  • Pirate Hood: Melanthos, located to the west of Messara
  • Pirate Armor: The Octopus, sailing above Messara, below Thera & Anaphi
  • Pirate Gauntlets: Asterion, sailing north of Andros
  • Pirate Waistband: Sokos, in the Obsidian Islands during a Naval Conquest Battle
  • Pirate Treads: The Mytilenian Shark, South of Samos

Pegasos Set 

You can obtain this armor set through the Helix Store for 1,500 Helix Credits. The set will come with a legendary sword as well as a similarly-themed skin for Phobos. Even more, the heroic origins of the Pegasos Set are reflected in its abilities. 

While its armor pieces provide rather minuscule bonuses to Warrior Damage, the armor pieces alone give speed boosts when crouching and fighting with swords, and especially giving Adrenaline during hits and kills. Players who love using their abilities would do so consistently with this armor.

Pilgrim Set

The items in this set are acquired throughout Ancient Greece, with each armor piece attained in these locations:

  • Pilgrim’s Hood: Eleusis Telestrion, in Attika south of the Sacred Plain of Demeter
  • Pilgrim’s Garment: Temple of Athena, into Sparta in Lakonia
  • Pilgrim’s Gloves: Akropolis of Argos, in the City of Argos
  • Pilgrim’s Belt: Ruins of Artemis, near Pandora’s Cove
  • Pilgrim’s Boots: Temple of Bristomartis, in one of the narrow points of the island of Messara, Little Egypt

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