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How to Get All Hidden Trophies in Final Fantasy 7 Remake

How to Get All Hidden Trophies in Final Fantasy 7 Remake

    Last Updated on April 25, 2023

Final Fantasy VII (FFVII) Remake is a grandiose game in every sense of the word. It is beautifully made, it is incredibly fun to play, and completing it 100% feels truly gratifying. While earning its Platinum Trophy (Master of Fate) isn’t all that hard compared to other games, you more than likely still need some assistance if you want to get it done soonest. Final Fantasy VII Remake has six hidden trophies/secret trophies that you would most likely pass up without a guide. 

That is where we come in! In this article, we aim to guide you through FFVII Remake’s six clever hidden trophies. Follow the steps we’d show below and you should get that 100% completion and platinum trophy in no time!

Final Fantasy 7 Remake: Hidden Trophies Guide

FFVII Remake’s hidden trophies are mostly easy to get. Four of them are Bronze trophies, one is Silver, and the last is Gold. The first four are pretty straightforward—most of them require you to complete specific quests in a certain chapter. 

The Silver tier, on the other hand, requires your combat prowess at a high level. It involves the use of the Shinra Combat Simulator. Lastly, the Gold tier is perhaps the hardest trophy to get in the whole game. It requires you to complete a series of things on top of defeating the game’s arguably toughest encounter.

With that out of the way, let’s get on with the list.

Final Fantasy VII Gameplay

Say it with Flowers Trophy (Bronze)

During the campaign’s Chapter 8, Cloud will meet with the owner of Leaf House Orphanage. There, you will be tasked with decorating the Orphanage with flowers. While Cloud admittedly knows nothing about flowers, he will be the one in charge of picking which flower to use as decoration. Thankfully, Aerith is there to guide you. She will lead you to her house where the two of you will pick up flowers for the decoration.

Keep playing through the rest of the chapter. After progressing into Chapter 9, head back to the Leaf House Orphanage and check up on them. Doing so will reward you with the first hidden trophy.

Divine Gratitude (Bronze)

To get the Divine Gratitude trophy, you must complete all side quests available in Chapter 14 in one go. This means that you should have all the quests checked out before proceeding to the next Chapter. Moreover, you cannot also complete half of the quest on your first run and decide to back to the other half via Chapter Select. You must deal with them all in one sitting.

To know if you got the trophy, walk along the Urban Advancement District instead of fast traveling. Right before you use the grappling hooks to proceed to the next story Chapter, a Guardian Angel should appear on the sidewalk holding a letter. Pick it up to unlock the hidden trophy.

The Johnny Experience (Bronze)

Much like the previous secret trophy, this one also requires you to finish several side quests to unlock. However, this time, they aren’t bound to a single Chapter alone. The quests span three different Chapters, particularly Chapters 4, 9, and 14. To be precise, you need to complete all side quests involving the wacky side character, Johnny. 

You will first meet Johnny in Chapter 4. Then in Chapter 9, he will have you chase him down. Just talk to him and be sure to agree with him. Lastly, in Chapter 14, you’d have to take part in some story bits revolving around him. Pay close attention to the side quests: “The Party Never Stops” and “Tomboy Bandit,” to make sure you get this trophy.

Dancing Queen (Bronze)

The final hidden trophy is much more straightforward than the previous three. However, it requires skill to do so, particularly rhythmic skills. In Chapter 9, Cloud will be put in a dance-off mini-game against Andrea. Just make sure to hit every button at the precise time as best as you can. To get the trophy, you need to beat Andrea in the dance-off.

That’s the Smell (Silver)

To get this hidden trophy is to defeat the bane of all Final Fantasy fans, the Malboro monster. In Final Fantasy 7 Remake, there is only one Malboro monster, and it is bound in the Shinra Combat Simulator. The encounter can be undertaken by eager players by accessing the six-star challenge in the simulator, named Three-Person Team vs. Monster of Legend. Take note that the encounter only appears at Hard Mode difficulty.

Since we are striving to get 100% completion with this guide as well, take note that the Malboro is also the only enemy in the whole game that uses Bad Breath. That said, pay close attention to when it uses the skill and learn it to complete the Master of Mimicry Trophy. You should get the fifth hidden trophy by beating this annoying tentacle master.

Ultimate Weapon (Gold)

Final Fantasy Ultimate Weapon Gold Hidden Trophies

And here is where everything gets a whole lot tougher. To get the final hidden trophy, Ultimate Weapon, you should already be a master of the game. You should now have the combat prowess to beat every enemy that you the game puts in front of you. Believe us, you’d need it—and perhaps also a ton of luck.

To even have the chance to get the trophy, you must first go through a series of tough encounters. Clear all of the fights in Don Corneo’s Colosseum in Chapters 9 and 14. Furthermore, you also have to take down all 20 Battle Intel assignments by Chadley and defeat all encounters in the Shinra Combat Simulator. This also includes the Malboro, which we talked about in detail in the previous entry. Take note that all of this should also be performed in Hard Mode.

After doing all that, a new challenge should become available in Chapter 17. In the new simulator, talk to Chadley and choose the game’s ultimate boss fight, titled Three-Person Team vs. Top Secrets. This is a five-round encounter that will test you to your limits. It will be grueling, punishing, and soul-crushing. However, besting it practically means you have done everything the game has to offer you. Getting the Ultimate Weapon trophy is high that you shouldn’t forget any time soon.

There you have it! That is how you get the six hidden trophies in FFVII Remake! True, they may sound difficult to pull off, but they are ultimately achievable. You just need patience and dedication. For more guides like this and everything gaming-related, always visit our website and make sure to follow our socials.

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