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How to Beat Sephiroth FF7 Remake – Simple Guide

How to Beat Sephiroth FF7 Remake – Simple Guide

    Last Updated on May 30, 2023

You have to prepare if you want to beat Sephiroth in the final boss fight of the game. In Final Fantasy 7 Remake, Sephiroth serves as the final boss in the game’s main story. As one would expect playing any Final Fantasy 7 game. There is no better candidate than him, really, seeing his seemingly eternal connection with the series’ protagonist, Cloud Strife. Moreover, he is also the most aggressive and hardest-hitting boss in the whole game, truly fitting to be FF7 Remake’s final test for its players. You really need to be at the top of your game fighting Sephiroth as you’d be forced to use everything you have learned so far just to stand a chance.

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Tough and challenging as the boss encounter may be, it isn’t impossible. With the right strategy and approach, you can take down Sephiroth in perhaps a few tries. So, if you are struggling with this boss fight, you have come to the right place! In this article, we would be sharing with you how to beat Sephiroth FF7 Remake.

Preparation to Beat Sephiroth

Here are some things you can do to prepare for the fight against Sephiroth in Final Fantasy 7 Remake:

  • Make sure you have the best weapons and armor. Sephiroth is a very powerful boss, you’ll need to make sure you have the best weapons and armor available to you. You can find the best weapons and armor by completing side quests and exploring the world.
  • Level up your characters. Go for the max level if possible. There is no other way of saying this, Sephiroth is extremely tough. You’ll need to make sure your characters are at a high level to even stand a chance. Like the previous tip, you can level up your characters by fighting enemies, completing side quests, and exploring the world.
  • Learn all of your characters’ abilities. Heading into the game’s final boss fight, make sure that you already have your characters’ abilities mastered. Each of them will play a huge role in the final fight. You can ensure that all of them contribute to your eventual win by mastering everything they have to offer.
  • Have a strategy. Sephiroth is a very difficult FF7 Remake boss, so it’s important to have a strategy in place before you fight him. You should decide which characters you’re going to use, what Materia you’re going to equip, and what attacks you’re going to use. Read on as we detail our strategy and approach below.

Sephiroth Boss Fight: First Phase

The Sephiroth boss fight triggers immediately after taking down the imposing Whisper Harbinger. Read our article here on how to beat Whisper Harbinger after this. Notably, that fight was incredibly challenging as well! That said, if you thought that boss fight was impossibly difficult already, well, you’ve seen nothing yet.

Every command is crucial in this boss fight. You’ll need to smartly spend your ATB. You’d be juggling healing, buffing your party, using mitigation spells, using attack skills, and even reviving party members all at once. Easy for us to say, but try your best to not be overwhelmed with everything that is happening and just stay focused.

FF7 Remake Sephiroth Boss Fight first phase

In the first phase of the Sephiroth boss fight, he will move slowly. In fact, his calm demeanor feels insulting. Nevertheless, this is just a facade, as he will eventually rush at you with a flurry of attacks. Pay close attention to everything he does. As soon as he prepares to launch an attack, immediately activate Punisher mode. Instead of dodging, it’s best that you stay focused and counter his attacks.

After counter-attacking a few times, you should see his Pressured status rise up. That said, do not be tempted to go on the offensive to stagger him. He recovers very fast, and your commitment to attacking may just be met with powerful counter-spells. Remain patient and counter his attacks until he is staggered. Wail on him whenever he is staggered.

While most of his attacks in the first phase are susceptible to counters, take note that he has an attack that cannot be countered. That being the Aeolian Onslaught attack. As soon as you see it pop up in his nameplate, get ready to dodge. Now repeat this cycle until Phase 2 begins.

Sephiroth Boss Fight: Second Phase

In the second phase of this epic boss fight, a random team member will arrive to help you. With that said, there is no definitive strategy to get over this phase as it has the element of randomness. Nevertheless, we’ll provide you with a general idea of how to beat Sephiroth FF7 Remake in this phase.

Sephiroth will gain two new powerful attacks in this phase, Aeroga and a devastating area-of-effect skill called Hell’s Gate. The first one is a straightforward powerful spell, which is concerning in its own right, but we recommend you focus more on the other one, Hell’s Gate. 

During this attack, Sephiroth will crouch down, forcefully jump into the air, and then perform an insane lunging attack. As soon as his long blade buries into the ground, light will shoot out across the battle arena. This aforementioned light will then erupt from the ground, dealing heavy damage to anyone who unfortunately gets in its path. 

Do your best to dodge Hell’s Gate and you should be fine in this phase. Moreover, take full advantage of your partner as well. Overall, just continue using the same approach as the first phase. After dwindling Sephiroth’s HP to 50%, another cutscene should trigger that will lead to Phase 3.

Sephiroth Boss Fight: Third Phase

Another team member will join you in the fight as soon as the third phase begins, completing the 3-man party. However, Sephiroth will also learn several new skills to throw your way, most notably Heartless Angel and Elemental Infusion.

In this phase, Sephiroth will occasionally cast Elemental Infusion to imbue him with a specific element of his choosing. After doing so, he will absorb every attack with the same element throughout the duration of the infusion. However, he will also become weak to the opposing element. For example, if he infuses himself with the Ice element, it’s best that you avoid anything Ice attacks and cast Fire abilities instead.

To keep on top of what element he has infused at any given time, we recommend using the Assess Materia early on. Doing so enables you to check his current status with a simple press on the PlayStation controller’s touchpad.

Take note that each infused element grants him unique abilities. For one, if he uses Lightning Infusion, he will be able to cast Thunderstorm. This attack covers most of the battle arena with charged yellow circles that you need to avoid. Failure to do so and you will be met with a devastating lightning strike. Mind you, this is on top of new sword attacks, such as the Octoslash.

However, what you should pay the most attention to is his Heartless Angel attack. It is a devastating attack that can reduce every character that gets caught up inside its area of effect to 1 HP. On top of that, you cannot counter it. The best thing you can do is to run opposite Sephiroth as soon as you see the attack pop up in his nameplate.

Final Phase to Beat Sephiroth

The boss fight’s final phase is actually just a continuation of the third phase. However, to reach this point, you should masterfully juggle control over your three characters and make the most of everything they offer. Just continue everything you have been doing up to this point and you should be fine. Again, just be mindful of his new attacks and pick your spots to counterattack.

FF7 Remake Sephiroth Boss Fight final phase

After reaching critical health, the final phase to beat Sephiroth in the boss fight should begin. It will come after a short cinematic with Sephiroth calling down a freaking meteor. While his attack patterns and skillset will remain this time around, he will begin counting down from ten, which adds pressure to the entire encounter.

Take note that once he reaches zero on his countdown, the meteor will crash down and your whole party will be wiped out. It is basically an instant death attack. With that said, as soon as he begins counting down, throw everything you have his way. Unleash your Limit Breaks, Summons, and everything you can think of. Soon enough, he should go down.

There you have it! That is how to beat Sephiroth FF7 Remake in a nutshell. Keep the tips we shared above in mind throughout the encounter and you should beat Sephiroth in no time! Yes, it will be tough still, but at least you now know what you are doing.

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