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How to Beat Scorpion Sentinel in Final Fantasy VII Remake

How to Beat Scorpion Sentinel in Final Fantasy VII Remake

    Last Updated on May 5, 2023

Square Enix’s Final Fantasy VII is well-known for its memorable boss fights. And with Final Fantasy 7 Remake now on store shelves, fans of the original game can relieve these awe-inspiring encounters on a much grander scale. The Scorpion Sentinel, despite being the game’s first-ever boss fight, is one of them.

Shinra’s robotic crab-like menace is all the more imposing in the remake thanks to its truly impressive graphics. Furthermore, the encounter now feels more dynamic thanks to FFVII Remake’s active battle system that still manages to pay homage to the classics.

Here is a straightforward guide to defeating the Scorpion Sentinel in FFVII Remake. Although it serves as the game’s first boss, defeating it without guidance can be quite a challenge as well.

Scorpion Sentinel Boss Fight: First Phase

Scorpion Sentinel will begin the encounter using Field Generator. This will protect him from any incoming damage. Annoyingly, you must first take this protection down before you can deal any damage to the boss itself.

To do so, use magic spells, particularly Cloud’s Fire Spell. This will deal significant damage to the Field Generator. Take note that the boss will still be attacking in this phase, so be sure to dodge while casting spells.

After taking the boss’ protective barrier down, wail at him with your attacks. Keep the control on Cloud and deal as much physical damage as you can at the boss.

On the side, make sure that Barret is casting his Thunder spell. The Scorpion Sentinel, despite being powered by electricity, is weirdly weak to electrical damage. Notably, you can save a party member grabbed by its claws by using Thunder as well.

After a while, it will jump onto the wall and blast Cloud and Barret with long-range attacks. Switch to Barret now and utilize his gun skills to deal damage while the boss is still on the wall. It will again be covered by a protective barrier, which blocks all electrical damage and a lot of physical damage.

Focus your attacks on Scorpion Sentinel’s tail to quickly remove the Field generator. Pay close attention to its EM Field attack. It deals heavy electrical damage.

Just keep repeating this cycle until you put the Scorpion Sentinel’s health to 50%. The second phase of the boss fight will begin after that.

Scorpion Sentinel Boss Fight: Second Phase

Scorpion Sentinel Tail Laser

The boss will become more aggressive in the second phase of the encounter. It will gain two new tail-based attacks, long-range missiles, and a very powerful laser attack. While the first two attacks mentioned are not that much trouble, the laser attack is especially powerful.

Thankfully, it takes some time to charge. As soon as he charges for his powerful Tail Laser attack, run behind the scattered debris to get some cover. While in there, use healing items or spells if you need to.

Its legs are its weak points, so get close to it whenever possible and unleash a flurry of attacks. That said, once the boss glows blue, you better step away for a moment. After taking its health down to 25%, the Scorpion Sentinel will have two new abilities yet again.

First is the Auto-Repair, which gives it passive health regeneration. The second is Overkill, Scorpion Sentinel’s ultimate attack. It will unleash all its weapons at once and fire at you with reckless abandon.

There is no clear-cut strategy in this phase, to be honest. Just be aggressive with your attacks while studying the patterns of the boss. Thankfully, Scorpion Sentinel’s attacks are easily telegraphed.

We recommend you stick with Cloud in the majority of the boss fight. Make him the primary damage dealer while Barrett provides support. After casting Auto-Repair, put a stop to it by quickly destroying its legs. By this point, you should now be able to put an end to the boss itself.

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