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Getting the Best Weapons in AC Origins

Getting the Best Weapons in AC Origins

    Last Updated on February 25, 2023

You need the best weapons in AC origins if you want to survive. Assassin’s Creed is a game of timing and exploration. In one moment, templars try to kill you, and you also stand on top of a church tower in the next. For many players, immersing themselves in history is enough. But for a dedicated niche, they push the boundaries of how good you can be. Whatever you choose to be, Assassin’s Creed has you covered 100%.

In the Origins installment, you play as Bayek, a Medjay in the Ptolemaic Dynasty. You also get to meet the likes of Julius Caesar and Cleopatra in the final days of the Pharaohs. Embarking on this journey, you have the burden of finding better gear. With a leveling system, you face stronger enemies as you progress through the game. This incentivizes the need for equipping stronger weapons and better armor.

Rarity and Procurement of the Best Weapons in Origins

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The gear in AC Origins is as follows: Regular, Rare, and Legendary. When you start, Bayek is outfitted with his default Medjay shield and weapon. As you progress, you find higher-level and rarity weapons, especially in chests.

Due to the vastness of the game’s map, you might spend hours opening chests and exploring. Another reliable way to procure better weapons is the completion of quests.

When the quests get too difficult, there is the option of exploring areas. This method is time-consuming, and buying from shops is easier but eliminates the thrill. Exploration in this game is rewarded, and you can also bet the weapons are there. The quality of the weapon scales with the difficulty of the task at hand. If it’s a segmented treasure hunt or a long quest, expect a legendary or rare for your troubles.

No Stone Unturned

As we said, exploration is rewarded, but where do we start? Checking the map for symbols, or going to new map areas, gets you there. Ancient Tombs or special quests are hotspots for legendary weapons. Sometimes, these legendary weapons are hiding in plain sight so that you could walk into them and fight them. The bar is high for how this game rewards you for putting in the effort to get legendaries.

There are many towns and villages on the map. The things you want to look out for are enemy outposts or forts. These are denoted by a spear symbol, with three spears if it’s the hardest difficulty. The vast area of these places is lucrative places for currency and weaponry. Be careful when you attack these forts, because they can call for reinforcements.

My Friend Reda

The place where you can guarantee legendaries is fan favorite Nomad’s Bazaar. In the early part of the game, you encounter a child and his camel. Bayek shows intrigue in his quests and interacts with Reda at this point.

After doing him a favor, he gives you access to Heka Chest. This chest can give you the best weapons in AC origins, but it is random. The cost of a Heka Chest is 3000 drachmae or 20 carbon crystals. It gives the vibes of a gacha system, but it’s the surest way to get better weapons without exploring too much.

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