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Dota 2 Carry: The Art of Position 1

Dota 2 Carry: The Art of Position 1

    Last Updated on January 11, 2023

Everyone needs a Dota 2 carry on their team. Sometimes, it has to be you doing that job. Don’t worry, here’s an article on the art of the carry, Position 1. In the MOBA game Dota 2, you play in a team of five players. You fight against an opposing team of five players for ultimate glory.

Within this team are different functions that contribute to the final goal of defeating the enemy team. You know these functions as roles and this is about the role responsible for damage, Position 1.

Carry position, better known as position 1, is the baby of their team. The reasoning behind this is that they require a lot of attention and safety during the early game. Players often call it babysitting. Hero choices for the carry position are reliant on farming to be effective, and it takes some time to gather resources, especially when the other team also has the same goal.

Laning Phase/Early Game as a Dota 2 Carry

A carry’s home is in the safe lane at this point of the game. For new players, this lane is top for Dire, and bottom for Radiant. The popular game League of Legends is where their ADC is always bottom lane and against the opposing ADC.

However, in Dota, we see the carry fighting against the enemy offlane. Like League, Dota’s carry is accompanied by their support, usually the position 5 or the hard support.

The task of the carry at this point is to get the last hits or CS in the lane. Of course, you can’t do it with ease, as the enemy offlane and soft support will try to disrupt the carry’s laning as much as they can.

Focusing on just the last hits is important; a kill that needs a lot of effort is not worth more than a single creep’s last hit. The hard support will continuously harass the opposing enemies to give you space. Even the midlaner will come in for a gank if needed.

Leaving the Lane

Dota 2 Carry Lina
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The lane can be a very lucrative place, but there will come a time when you might have to leave it, even if it’s not yet typically the time. Situations such as the offlaner getting very powerful, or constant ganks happening can make leaving the best decision made.

At this point, the carry is given a choice: go to the offlane, so the offlane can go make space, or retreat to the safety of the jungle. One other choice is to join your team but only do this if your hero choice can be effective without a lot of farming.

Going to the offlane can be risky, as opponents know that the carry is weak at this point of the game, thus it is good to be out of Vision for most of the farming. Going jungle is the safest way to get gold and experience as the enemy would not try to go there unless their supports placed Vision deep in your jungle.

Do not expect your supports to stack for you, as they may have other things to do, like making important space for you to farm at this stage of the game.

Midgame/Late Game

This part of the game is a constant switch between choosing the right time to farm or fight. This is where most carry players are defined by their skill. The decision-making of a carry player at this stage is the difference between losing and winning. This stage emphasizes a good understanding of where enemies could be, where to jungle safely, and always checking the minimap.

Farming won’t be as important at this stage, but being able to get some gold in-between fights should not be missed. Also be aware of your item choices, as they can also determine winning or losing. Identify what your hero needs more: survival or damage. It is tempting to go full damage, but remember that your role is tasked with winning the game.

As for other tips, it is much easier to know more about being a Dota 2 carry player. Play on, and try not to die. If you liked this article, you can read more on our website. You can also follow us on social media to stay updated with the latest esports and gaming news.

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