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Best Viper Molly Lineups for Ascent

Best Viper Molly Lineups for Ascent

    Last Updated on December 7, 2022

Hello, folks! It is Wansi once again giving you the best guides in your favorite games, but today we will focus on Valorant, specifically Viper Lineups. Viper is a Controller agent that excels in setting up her team with smokes to cover the line of sight of her enemies. 

Viper is known for her cringy (but effective) Molotov (or Molly) lineups with her Snake Bite. Her lineups can be used in a myriad of situations, such as post-plant, retake, or just clearing out corners to avoid unwanted deaths. 

Snake Bite is an ability that allows Viper to equip a canister of acid that shatters upon hitting the floor, creating a zone that damages the enemy and applies Vulnerable. When enemies have the Vulnerable debuff, they will take double the damage from all sources. 

Now that we have her Snake Bite covered, why don’t we jump right into the Best Viper Lineups you can use in Ascent? 

Do’s and Dont’s in Post-Plant Lineup

Before using this guide, you must know when and where you will employ these strategies. Relying solely on lineups borders on irresponsibility, and it is not a hundred percent foolproof. This strategy is purely conditional, and fulfilling these conditions will only improve the likelihood of your team winning the round. 


  • Using lineups in a post-plant situation to secure the round is more effective when you have the numbers advantage over the enemy. 
  • Your team has agreed to play post-plant and play carefully after planting the spike. 
  • The enemies are already damaged or low in health.
  • The spike is close to exploding.
  • You should activate your Poison Cloud in the area of the spike before using your Molly. 

Post-Plant Lineups

A Site Default (Dice)

Viper Lineup A-Site

This lineup is for the post-plant situation in A-Site. Before doing this lineup, make sure that your team planted the spike on Dice (Double Green Box). This lineup is relatively easy to learn and remember. The Snakebite will land squarely in the center of the boxes, ensuring that the enemies cannot defuse the spike without risking their lives. 


  1. Go to A main near the factory
  2. Hug the corner of the green box
  3. Aim with the HUD in the middle of the first two distinct lines on the black box above
  4. Hold the aim until the enemy starts to defuse
  5. Throw the snake bite while keeping the same aim

B Site Default 

Viper Lineup B-Site

Now that you have a lineup for the A Site, you wouldn’t be a lineup master if you did not have a lineup for B Site. Don’t worry, fam. We’ve got you covered. 

This lineup will keep you safe and secure from the site, so ensure you have truly mastered it before using it. Like in A Site’s lineup, the Snakebite will land dead-center in the Default planting spot. Make sure that the spike is planted there before using this strategy. 


  1. Go to the B Lobby Entrance, as seen on the map in the image above.
  2. Stand against the octopus wall
  3. Line up your HUD between the two windows. 
  4. Wait for the enemy to start defusing.
  5. Throw the snakebite while keeping the same aim. 

And with that, we wrap it up for this guide. If you liked the Best Viper Lineups for Ascent article, you would like the Best Viper Wall Lineups we have lined up for you soon. In the meantime, read our other articles about everything gaming on our official website. 

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