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Yay Will Take a Break from Valorant Pro Scene Due to Health Issues

Yay Will Take a Break from Valorant Pro Scene Due to Health Issues

    Last Updated on May 14, 2024

In the competitive world of VALORANT, health takes precedence over everything, even for top players. Yay, known for his sharp shooting and strategic play, is taking a significant step. Yay takes a break due to health issues, stepping away from the pro scene that he has greatly influenced. His decision comes amidst a series of challenges, both personal and professional.


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Yay’s History with BLEED Esports

Since joining BLEED Esports in September 2023, Yay has been a central figure in the team’s dynamics. This isn’t the first time Yay takes a break due to health concerns; a similar situation unfolded just before the VALORANT ONE Pro Invitational. His talent is undisputed, but so is the importance of his well-being, a fact that BLEED Esports recognizes and supports.

The Impact on BLEED Esports

BLEED Esports faces a tough time in the VCT 2024 Pacific League’s first split, with only one win to their name. The team is now grappling with Yay’s absence due to health issues, a situation that intensifies their challenges. BLEED’s performance and morale hinge on finding a strong replacement to fill the void left by Yay.

Controversies and Performance Hurdles

Yay’s career has not been without controversy. Recent accusations have surfaced from a retired pro, painting Yay in an unfavorable light. Moreover, Yay’s health problems, like blurry vision, have already impacted his gameplay. This break due to health issues could be a chance to reset and come back stronger.

The Future for Yay and BLEED Esports

BLEED Esports stands behind Yay as he takes this break due to health issues. The team respects his contributions and awaits his full recovery. In the meantime, BLEED has no sixth man, and the race is on to find someone who can step up until Yay’s return.


Yay’s hiatus is a reminder that health is the most important. As he takes this break to address his health issues, fans and fellow players alike are sending their support. Everyone is hopeful for his swift comeback to the VALORANT pro scene, where his skills have always shone brightly.

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