Yay Accused of Bribing Coach to Bench Former Teammate at DSG

Yay Accused of Bribing Coach to Bench Former Teammate at DSG

    Last Updated on May 2, 2024

If you’re following the competitive VALORANT scene, you’ve likely heard the latest buzz: Yay, a renowned player, stands accused of a serious breach of ethics. The allegations suggest that Yay attempted to manipulate team dynamics by bribing a coach. This news has sent ripples through the community, raising questions about integrity in esports.


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Background Information

Jaccob “Yay” Whiteaker’s move to Bleed Esports was meant to be a fresh start after a series of controversies. However, Yay’s past seems to be a shadow he can’t escape. Despite his superstar status, Yay’s performance has been under scrutiny, especially after a string of defeats post his departure from Cloud9.

The Allegations

The core of this scandal is the claim that Yay bribed a coach to bench a former teammate. Amgalan “Genghsta” Nemekhbayar, now retired, has brought these accusations to light through social media. He alleges that Yay offered their coach, Kyle “OCEAN” O’Brien, a sum in the vicinity of $10,000 to secure Genghsta’s benching during their time at Disguised’s Challenger roster.

Genghsta’s Motivation and Claims

Genghsta’s decision to expose the alleged bribe is multifaceted. He cites a mix of motives, from wanting to provide juicy content to shedding light on the struggles within the team. His experience with Yay was marked by difficulty. Additionally, he expresses sympathy for Yay’s current teammates at Bleed, who may be facing similar challenges.

Yay’s Current Situation

The weight of these allegations has put Yay’s current standing in jeopardy. As a player who has only seen a single victory since joining Bleed Esports, the accusations add to an already tumultuous year. Yay’s ability to bounce back from this could define his future in the competitive scene.


The esports world is no stranger to drama, but when a player like Yay is accused of bribing a coach, it’s a serious matter. The fallout from these allegations could have lasting effects on all involved. As the community awaits further developments, the focus remains on the integrity of the sport and the accountability of its players.

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