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Why Sentinels Was Ahead During Masters Reykjavik 2021

Why Sentinels Was Ahead During Masters Reykjavik 2021

    Last Updated on July 7, 2024

Looking back at Masters Reykjavík 2021, the first international VALORANT tournament, it’s clear why Sentinels dominated the scene. In a thrilling grand final, Sentinels bested Fnatic 3-0, showcasing their prowess and solidifying their claim as the best VALORANT team in the world. What made their victory even more impressive was that they didn’t drop a single map throughout the entire tournament.

Sentinels entered the grand final with unstoppable momentum. They meticulously studied Fnatic’s lower bracket games, identifying weaknesses and crafting strategies to exploit them. This thorough preparation allowed Sentinels to execute their game plan flawlessly and secure a decisive victory.

The final match was a treat for fans, not just because it was a showdown between NA and EU, but also due to the intense, close rounds that led to multiple overtimes. Despite Sentinels’ commanding lead, Fnatic never lost their composure and fought valiantly throughout the match.

A significant factor in Sentinels’ success was the leadership of IGL ShahZaM, who also served as the team’s coach. His strategic acumen and ability to guide the team in the heat of battle were crucial in maintaining their undefeated run. Reflecting on this period, it’s clear that ShahZaM’s dual role was instrumental in shaping Sentinels into the dominant force they were during that landmark tournament in 2021.

If it Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It

Despite actively searching for a coach, Sentinels maintained a “don’t fix what isn’t broken” mentality. The team’s dynamic was already strong, and ShahZaM believed that while a coach could help with the workload, the current setup was effective. ShahZaM enjoyed the preparation process. In addition, he was committed to continuing in his dual role as both player and coach as long as it produced results.

Fnatic Was Not an Easy Opponent

The matches against Fnatic were far from easy, with the first two maps going into overtime. Both teams remained composed, but Sentinels managed to secure the third map without overtime, clinching their victory. Despite the 3-0 scoreline, the series was highly stressful for Sentinels, as Fnatic proved to be a formidable opponent.

The initial games on Split and Bind were intense, with Sentinels narrowly winning crucial rounds in overtime. The matches were nail-biters, with Sentinels barely edging out their European rivals. Fnatic, known for their resilience, demonstrated a better understanding in their rematch against Sentinels but ultimately couldn’t gain the upper hand in overtime.

ShahZaM played a pivotal role in the final game on Haven. He not only thwarted Fnatic’s flank plays but also executed a critical clutch win that helped Sentinels achieve a 9-3 lead at halftime. This strong performance from ShahZaM was instrumental in the Sentinels’ overall victory.

NA>EU during 2021; Thanks to the Guy who Stepped In

Playing under pressure is one of the best skills a team can have, and although Fnatic also made a great showing of their ability to play well with their backs against the wall, Sentinels still came out on top. Sentinels’ victory was a testament to their trust in each other and their ability to communicate effectively in high-pressure situations. In critical moments like 2v2s or 3v3s, their communications were precise and cohesive, enabling them to stay composed and make decisive plays.

An integral part of the match was TenZ, who stepped in for the team after sinatraawas suspended pending investigation due to sexual assault allegations. TenZ’s performance in the VCT Stage 2 Masters was outstanding, leading the tournament with the best stats according to vlr.gg: an Average Combat Score (ACS) of 289.4, the highest kill-to-death ratio of 1.48, the most kills per round at 1.02, the most first kills at 0.20, and the least first deaths at 0.09.

TenZ being the Icon of NA Valorant and Sentinels

Back then, many fans were curious about TenZ’s future, especially since there had been no word on whether Sinatraa would return to play competitively with the team. TenZ was on loan with Sentinels from Cloud9, where he signed as a content creator. However, the team was fortunate to have TenZ, an exceptional player who has excellent mechanical skills and teamwork. The team expressed their desire to continue playing with TenZ in the future.

Since that pivotal win, TenZ has become the icon of Sentinels, solidifying his place as a core player of the team. Whenever people hear the name Sentinels, it is always linked to TenZ and his outstanding performance during that tournament. His journey from a temporary replacement to the face of Sentinels exemplifies his impact and importance to the team.

His skill has made him a symbol of NA Valorant’s competitive scene, representing the region’s strength and potential on the global stage. The recent win on Masters Madrid 2024 would also be a testament to how timeless his skill is. 

Sentinels Were the Best Team, and They Were Playing the Best Valorant

Their victory at Masters Reykjavík was not just a win; it was a statement. Sentinels became the first team to confirm their spot in Champions, the VALORANT Champions Tour’s end-of-year championship event. Competing on the international stage and on LAN gave them invaluable experience, and they quickly became top contenders for the biggest event of the year in VALORANT.

The triumph in Reykjavík carved Sentinels’ name into the annals of esports history. This first-ever international win established them, along with TenZ and the rest of the roster, as icons in the VALORANT community. They played the best VALORANT anyone had seen in the inaugural league, setting a high standard for gameplay and teamwork. Their name and legacy became unforgettable to fans worldwide.

Winning the recent Masters Madrid 2024 has rekindled the hope and excitement among 2021 fans. This victory reaffirmed that Sentinels remain a competitive powerhouse in the VALORANT scene. Their journey from the first Masters victory to their recent triumph in Madrid highlights their excellence. Sentinels’ legacy continues to inspire and excite fans. They have proven that they are a team that will always be remembered and respected in the world of VALORANT.

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