Why Deadlock Will Be a Meta-Breaker in Valorant

Why Deadlock Will Be a Meta-Breaker in Valorant

    Last Updated on June 26, 2023

Riot Games recently released Deadlock, the newest Valorant agent to the roster. She is also the latest addition to the Sentinel role, making her the prime choice for strategists. However, it won’t be long before she starts messing around with the meta in the game. Already, fans are dubbing her as the Meta-Breaker of Episode 7.

There are also tons of topics to tackle, including Deadlock’s abilities. Yet, you can also make an argument that anything new is always going to change the meta. However, this badass of a woman will force a new meta that revolves around her utilities. It also won’t matter what elo you play her in because she will dominate in whatever composition.

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Why Can Deadlock Be a Meta-Breaker?

Before we get into the topic, I want you to take this opinion with a grain of salt. After all, I am a Sentinel main, and I often rank them according to usefulness. After all, not every agent on the roster is beneficial. Some Sentinels are also situational at best, meaning they’re unnecessary unless you meet certain conditions.

However, my standard doesn’t apply to Deadlock. Yet, it’s also because she’s a new agent in Valorant that she seems overpowered. We all know how eager Riot is to nerf a character once they break ranked queues. But it’s also worth noting that she might not receive a nerf for a while during Act 1 of Episode 7.

There are also three reasons why she is a meta-breaker in Episode 7. The reasons are ability impact, role-switching, and power spikes. Now, you might be thinking that I’m off the rails with these factors. However, they will all make sense once you continue reading.

New Valorant Agent Deadlock

Ability Impact

One of the factors that could make her a meta-breaker is her ability to be an anchor. While Cypher remains a viable option for the Sentinel role, Killjoy and Chamber can’t leave their utilities. However, Deadlock becomes the most optimal choice being a defender for any site.

Even the developers also emphasized her kit to be improvisational. It also means that you won’t need to use any of her abilities except for her Sonic Sensor, which you can leave behind. Some of you are beginning to argue that that’s what Sage or Chamber also does. Yes, that is a valid point but only for Sage. I honestly think the game would continue to be balanced without the presence of Chamber.

However, Deadlock’s abilities can turn the tide in any round. Whether it’s a save round or a buy round, she brings her a-game every time. Imagine using her Barrier Mesh during a defuse, which can deny lineup Larry’s from any angle. It doesn’t even compare to the impact her GravNet or Nanowire Accelerator can do during a single round.


To be fair, it might not occur as much in-game. Deadlock might have the potential to switch to the Initiator role with her ultimate, Nanowire Accelerator. The role of the Initiator is not only to initiate contact (pun intended) but also to deny or claim space with the help of Duelists.

Breach’s Faul Line can deny crucial angles, allowing his Duelists to enter the site and claim the space. Deadlock’s Nanowire Accelerator also acts the same, which can bounce once off the wall. It might not seem like much, but she is a menace during the rounds when she has her ultimate up.

Deadlock’s Power Spikes

Lastly, her power spikes during a match can be irregular. Although Valorant leans toward a more utility-aim game, power spikes tend to happen when the economy matches the abilities. Have you ever seen a Reyna with no armor and her Empress online?

In my opinion, Deadlock has her power spikes whenever it’s an eco-round. Not only does her GravNet slow you once activated, but it also makes you crouch until you remove the wire. On an eco-round when you have the better weapons, she can give you a disadvantage with one ability. Simply put, you might become her equal if she and her team are saving.

However, the biggest counter-argument you can make is that it won’t matter. Her incredible utility advantage won’t matter if you fail to grasp Deadlock’s playstyle. So, any game is still winnable if you have a Deadlock who has no idea what they’re doing. But, if you do see one that knows what to do, you should pray.

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