Where Is Lotus in Valorant? – Exploring the Lore

Where Is Lotus in Valorant? – Exploring the Lore

    Last Updated on June 29, 2023

The location of Lotus in Valorant takes its inspiration from a real-world place. Today, let’s take a look at the entirety of the latest Valorant map, Lotus. However, not all the pieces of the puzzle are in play. After all, this isn’t the last stop for the lore in the game.

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Riot Games always sets the bar for worldbuilding and story development. We all have to applaud the writers who gave us the worlds of League of Legends and Valorant. Yet, there’s also something about Lotus that puts us between the mystical and divine.

Where is Lotus in Valorant?

The ruins of Lotus draw inspiration from the Western Ghats mountain range of Southern India. Riot introduced the latest map to us in Episode 6 Cinematic titled Revelation. We see Harbor and Astra in that video opening a gate that leads them to find the ancient ruins. However, the lore states that these are the Omega Earth ruins.

We all know how Riot drops hints and easter eggs in every cinematic. After all, they did the same thing to Arcane from League of Legends. The hint for this video can also be found inside the game during Episode 6. These hints also mentioned how Astra and Harbor attempted to stop the Omega Agents from acquiring Lotus in Valorant.

Yet, one of the things we should emphasize is the grand hidden entrance in the cinematic. This also leads us to the angle and goal of the Lotus map. The developers and designers agreed to give off the vibe of mystery and power. After all, you can see large overgrowing vines all around the map. Something happened here in the lore, which might tie into Astra and Harbor’s artifacts.

Lotus B-Site in Valorant

The Overall Purpose and Design

As soon as you enter the map, you will notice that something happened here in Omega Earth. On both Attacker and Defender spawns, you will notice traces of mystical power. You can also observe the ancient symbols strewn across the walls of Lotus in Valorant. According to George, Riot’s Lead Environment Artist:

The plants and vines grew to be abnormally large because they’re infused with radianite. The vines act as conduits for the radianite to power things around the ruins—like the two, giant rotating doors near A and C

The design team planned out every single part of the Lotus map in Valorant, from the texture to the circuitry. They also wanted to lead us to the idea that the plants mutated due to the radianite. Now, these plants can also absorb large amounts of energy from the sun because of their size. However, the most important part of the lore is how the ancients found a way to extract the energy from the lotus leaves.

Yet, it left us with more questions than answers. What do these plants need to power? Do they act as a battery for Radiants or radianite-powered structures? It is also clear that the ruins had a bigger purpose than to act as your background during gunfights. Only more revelations will tell us what we need to know about Lotus in Valorant.

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