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What’s A Good Headshot Percentage in Valorant? – Improve Your Aim!

What’s A Good Headshot Percentage in Valorant? – Improve Your Aim!

    Last Updated on June 28, 2023

Have you ever wondered what a good headshot percentage is in Valorant? You might also assume that it’s higher than the one you have right now. However, you shouldn’t look down on yourself. There are plenty of factors to consider if you want to get the real average among thousands of players.

Riot Games has tons of players who have unbelievable aiming skills. After all, it wouldn’t be a popular tactical shooter FPS if it only involved powers. Yet, there is also a basis for this. We’ve taken a look at Valorant statistics from Blitz and Esportstales to help you find the most accurate headshot percentage.

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Headshot Percentage & Rank Distribution in Valorant

There are two factors to consider for us to get an accurate average for headshot percentage: rank and weapon. The reason why we need to take a look at the rank is also because each group has different skill caps. A good example is comparing the percentage of Gold players with Immortal players. It’s just too far apart, which can lead to misinformation and inaccuracies.

Another factor we need to consider is the weapon of choice. After all, not every player sticks to one gun for the whole match. Sometimes, players will also switch weapons to get more comfortable as the game progresses. So, determining a good headshot percentage in Valorant might be trickier than we thought. However, here’s what we’re going to do.

We’re going to take the three tiers in each ranked group (ex. Gold I, II, and III) and grab each of their stats. Then we get the average headshot percentage and compare it to other ranked groups. We will also consider only two weapons — the Vandal and the Phantom. Once we have what we need, we’ll list it down for everyone to see.

Determine the Weapon for Headshot Percentage in Valorant
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Average Percentage per Rank

Now that we have our little secret formula, all we have to do is list them down. Here is every headshot percentage in Valorant per rank:

  • Unrated: Vandal 18.1%, Phantom 15.7%
  • Iron: Vandal 12.3%, Phantom 10.9%
  • Bronze: Vandal 14.3%, Phantom 12.4%
  • Silver: Vandal 16.7%, Phantom 14.4%
  • Gold: Vandal 18.8%, Phantom 16.3%
  • Platinum: Vandal 20.6%, Phantom 18.1%
  • Diamond: Vandal 22.4%, Phantom 19.6%
  • Ascendant: Vandal 24.3%, Phantom 21.3% 
  • Immortal: Vandal 26.9%, Phantom 23.3% 
  • Radiant: Vandal 28.9%, Phantom 25.2%

With the statistics laid out, we can see how the percentage increases per rank. We can also deduce that phantom usage increases alongside the rank increase. Now, you can check out your stats by getting the best Valorant stat trackers. Once you have your data, you can start comparing it to the headshot percentage in this list.

Another thing we also want to point out is don’t be too hard on yourself. You must not compare yourself with other ranks. After all, there are thousands of gamers in Valorant and only 0.1% of them are in Radiant. Honestly, the most accurate headshot percentage in Valorant is from Silver 1 to Platinum 1.

These ranked groups make up the most population of gamers. So, you’re doing alright if you have a headshot percentage of 16% to 20% on the Vandal. Did you know that Immortal players are also part of the 1% inside Valorant? Trust us when we say that comparing yourself to Immortal and Radiant players is unnecessary. Keep your chin up, and keep winning games!

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