VCT Pacific League 2024 Format Changes for Next Season

VCT Pacific League 2024 Format Changes for Next Season

    Last Updated on July 7, 2023

The VCT Pacific League 2024 will see new changes, introducing a new seasonal structure. Jake Sin, the Head of Valorant Esports in APAC, announced it at the pre-playoff press conference earlier on July 5. Jake also revealed that players will find more than one Split next year. Aside from the new seasonal structure, Jake also mentioned the availability of VCT pro team skins next year.

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What’s New for VCT Pacific League 2024?

The introduction of a new seasonal structure will have teams playing longer and earning more. It will also be more similar to the League of Legends Pro Circuit, with longer formats. Yet, it also doesn’t have a similar format.

Next year’s VCT Pacific League 2024 will also have a similar schedule to the League of Legends Pro Circuit. It will undoubtedly start with a Spring Split followed by a Mid-Season Invitational. After that, the season will also continue with a Summer Split and a championship for a world title.

We want to continue to build the Pacific League into a sustainable ecosystem

Jake Sin, Head of Valorant Esports APAC

Jake Sin also stated that they will also have an additional team in the Pacific League. Yet, they will also have more than one split while moving into a full seasonal structure. This is best for everyone because this year’s Valorant season is shorter compared to the rest.

The goal is to have the overall season longer since they had a late start to the season. They also had to give teams enough time to set up operations. However, with the new VCT Pacific League 2024 structure, there will be more time. Players can also look forward to Pacific League-themed in-game items next year.

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