VALORANT: What is Gekko’s Role?

VALORANT: What is Gekko’s Role?

    Last Updated on June 21, 2023

Gekko’s role in Valorant might be confusing to some players. After all, he’s unpredictable, ready to engage, and undoubtedly unpredictable. Gekko is also the 22nd agent to enter the VALORANT Protocol, and his abilities add another layer of strategy to the game. He has game-changing abilities that can turn the tide when used at the right moment. But, what is Gekko’s role in Valorant?

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What is Gekko’s Role in Valorant and Who Is He?

Riot Games released Gekko on March 7, 2023, during the launch of Episode 6, Act 2. His role is also the sixth Initiator in Valorant’s agent lineup. However, what makes him unique from the rest of the initiators is his four critters. Gekko’s pets add an exciting twist and an extra layer of strategy to the overall gameplay experience.

Since Gekko has the Initiator role in Valorant, he initiates (pun intended) contact against opponents. With the help of his pets, he becomes one of the most dangerous agents on any map. However, it takes some careful strategy and planning to utilize his skills. After all, his critters are an extension of his dominance on the battlefield.

  • Dizzy. His first ability is one of the most chaotic pets he has. Gekko’s role in Valorant allows him to unleash Dizzy into the air and plasma goo shoots at enemies within sight. Whoever gets shot becomes blinded, allowing his teammates a free kill.
  • Wingman. Wingman, on the other hand, is his most trusted sidekick. It’s also the one pet that shows how in sync he is with them. Wingman can release a concussive blast that disorients the enemy for an easy frag. However, Wingman can also defuse and plant the spike, showing how much Gekko trusts the critter.
  • Mosh Pit. It is one of Gekko’s most defensive abilities as an initiator role in Valorant. It can either stop the enemy in their tracks or prevent them from defusing the spike. Either way, take care not to stay too long in the Pit.
  • Thrash. Lastly, Thrash is Gekko’s most fun and useful ability. He controls Trash and sends it out to hunt enemies down. Once he spots them, Gekko can cause Thrash to lunge forward and explode, immobilizing his opponents.
Gekko as an Initator Role in Valorant with Pets

In-Depth Understanding of Gekko

Gekko’s role is something you have to find a deeper understanding of in the game, Valorant. The creatures he bonds with are not just his pets. They are also an extension of Gekko as an Initiator. This means that you need to think things through with how you utilize his abilities.

After all, Initiators set the pace of the game. It also makes Gekko a vital part of the team, creating opportunities for his Duelists. Whether it’s attacking in surprise, providing cover, or an all-out assault, Gekko shouldn’t be left behind.

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