Valorant Water Dragon Skin Bundle: Price and Release Date

Valorant Water Dragon Skin Bundle: Price and Release Date

    Last Updated on August 23, 2023

Episode 7 Act 2 is almost here and we’re getting a new skin bundle in Valorant titled Water Dragon. After all, it’s not Valorant if there’s nothing new to offer every Episode and Act. Take a look at the VCT Champions Bundle 2023, which looks impressive yet lacks anything unique for the knife (jk). Here’s what we know so far about the new bundle.

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New Valorant Water Dragon Skin Bundle

Every time there’s a new Act and Episode, Riot Games will give the players a new cosmetic skin line. Although the skins usually relate to a specific theme, we don’t exactly know the reference for this one. A good example would be the Daydreams Skin Bundle to honor the Los Angeles Lakers for VCT Champions 2023.

There is a possibility that the Water Dragon Skin bundle connects to the recent rumors about Sunset, Valorant’s new map. Yet, it does look like Kai’Sa Lagoon Dragon skin from League of Legends. In any case, here are the weapons that we know will show up for the cosmetic line:

  • Sheriff
  • Vandal
  • Judge
  • Operator
  • Melee Weapon

We also don’t know the exact cost for the Water Dragon skin, but there are reports about how much it is individually. Each weapon will cost around 1775 VP while the melee weapon will cost 3550 VP. If you’re looking to buy the new gun cosmetics, keep an eye out for the end of Act 1.

It might happen around August 29 yet it is best to stay prepared. However, we do encourage everyone to spend wisely as there may be new skins coming in soon. So, stay tuned to the website as we get more information for the latest news.

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