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Valorant Sentinels Ranked – Worst to Best

Valorant Sentinels Ranked – Worst to Best

    Last Updated on June 14, 2023

The new Valorant Sentinel, Agent 23, will arrive sometime shortly after VCT Masters Tokyo 2023. Before the agent arrives, we’d like to give a little ranking to the other agents for the role. After all, we have to determine who is the best Sentinel that is reliable in every meta.

Well, when we say meta, we don’t necessarily mean the nerfs. After all, we all know about the nerfs to both Killjoy and Chamber. We don’t want to pit nerfed agents against buffed ones but it has to be done. This article will rank agents according to how much of their utilities can make an impact in a single round. 

Riot Games has a pattern of either buffing or nerfing certain agents to balance the game. However, these decisions also affect the entire meta and could potentially shift the direction of the game. So, here’s our list of the worst to best Sentinels in Valorant.


Valorant Sentinels Chamber

Chamber might be one of the most useful Sentinels in competitive Valorant. However, in our humble opinion, he is the absolute worst Sentinel at the moment. Calm down, and let us also explain why we can say this because we’re not playing.

Firstly, by definition, Valorant Sentinels are the prime site holders or flank watchers. After all, it is also their job to impede any enemies from coming into a site or flanking the attackers. With Chamber, he makes a good Sentinel if you especially have good aim.

His Trademark doesn’t do a lot of good if other agents can just shoot it. However, he does make for a good long-angle holder, which makes him good if you have good aim.


Valorant Sentinel Sage

Speaking of stopping enemies from coming into a site, Sage is an optimal choice. Her abilities make her a good agent for maps with narrow chokepoints. However, she isn’t as good as we can expect her to be.

If you use the wall too early, your entire kit now becomes 50-50. Although her healing can make an impact in any round, it doesn’t do much with a long cooldown. You can heal one person and that’s basically the only thing you’re known for as a Sentinel.

You can make an argument that using her wall too late can also be pointless. However, that’s the gamble you have to take when using this Sentinel.



Killjoy, on the other hand, makes for a great overall Sentinel in Valorant. You can become aggressive or defensive with your play styles. After all, the community knows this adorable Sentinel for her ultimate ability, Lockdown. An argument can also be made for her sentry turret.

If we rank Sentinels based on their ability to hold a site and stop enemies with utilities, Killjoy is #2. She can also mix things up with her utility placement, depending on which spaces of the site she wants to deny.

You are in for a bad time if you play right into a Killjoy player’s setup. Although Riot nerfed her swarm grenades, it still does tons of damage. So, you better watch your step because nothing can go wrong with Killjoy.



Lastly, we have the best Sentinel in Valorant— Cypher. You might argue that we put Cypher on top because of his recent buffs. Although that may seem like the case, it’s not the whole reason. After all, Cypher is the only agent who can leave his utilities in this meta.

He can put a Trapwire on Garage in Haven and still have enough time to set up the rest on A. Cypher also has his smokes called Cyber Cages. It means another extra layer for the enemy to pass through if they want to get into a site.

Cypher is the master of information with his entire ability kit giving info to his allies. You won’t find a better Sentinel than the man who has died too many times in cinematics.

However, this whole list should be taken with a grain of salt. After all, every Sentinel has their opportunity to shine in certain maps. Much like Killjoy is extra useful in Fracture, Chamber is also a good choice in Lotus or Pearl. Experiment with these agents as much as you like and let us know what you think.

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