Valorant Patch 7.01 – Notes & Changes to Watch Out For

Valorant Patch 7.01 – Notes & Changes to Watch Out For

    Last Updated on July 12, 2023

Riot Games dropped the latest update for Valorant, Patch 7.01. It is the first update for Episode 7 Act 1, which includes changes to the Premier game mode, agents, and player behavior. There are also a few things we need to break down in this patch. So, grab your notes and strap in because we’re in for a ride.

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What’s In Valorant Patch 7.01

The launch of Episode 7 Act 1 heavily impacted the game, according to Valorant’s standard. It was also the introduction of the newest addition to the Valorant Agents roster, Deadlock. Yet, the launch also included a new Progression System to unlock agents and the Team Deathmatch game mode.

Now, Patch 7.01 will introduce new changes to the Premier game mode and updates to agents. Although the size of the patch is smaller compared to previous patches, it might make a bigger impact than most. We’ll explain more as you keep reading.

There will be new updates to the Premier as it enters the Ignition Stage. Players will have to go back to square one as they register for the games. This also means they have to form a new team and register again to participate in the Valorant Premier. However, Patch 7.01 will allow all progress from this registration to transfer over to the next one in August. You must now undoubtedly choose your team wisely because you might not be able to change it later.

Registration will start from now until July 20, and matches will begin shortly after. All matches will run until August 12 and the Playoffs are on August 13. If you can earn a Premier Score of 375, you will qualify and might be the best in your Division. You will also earn rewards, like the Premier Champion title and gun buddy.

New Valorant Updates

Player Behavior Updates & Agent Updates

There are also new changes to player behavior in Patch 7.01. These include bans for repeated AFK offenses, friendly fire, and queue dodging in Competitive and Unrated modes. If you receive a text-mute from Riot in real-time, you will also become voice-muted for the rest of the game. However, there are no statements from Riot about the disconnection issues. Will the bans still take effect and disregard server disconnections?

There will also be some new voice-line interactions between Deadlock and Gekko. As Riot continues to expand the lore, we can now see the relationship between the two. There are also updates to Ability Icons for agents across the board. You can now find these icons appearing above your equipped ability.

Those are all the updates for Patch 7.01 in Valorant. What are you most excited about? Let us know in the comments and stay tuned for more on the website.

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