Valorant Not In Esports World Cup Due to Schedule Conflicts

Valorant Not In Esports World Cup Due to Schedule Conflicts

    Last Updated on June 6, 2024

Valorant’s rise in the esports scene is meteoric. However, there’s a snag this summer: Valorant is notably absent from the formidable lineup of the Esports World Cup. As ambitious teams and players ready their strategies and roster.

The Esports World Cup conflict with Riot’s Valorant Champions Tour (VCT) schedule takes center stage. This prompted discussions across the community about the repercussions and future of Valorant esports.

Esports World Cup Consideration and Conflict

Valorant was on the cusp of adding another illustrious chapter to its burgeoning esports legacy at the Esports World Cup. Yet, the packed summer schedule, ripe with critical VCT 2024 matchups, leaves no room for Valorant to feature in this global competition running from July 4 through August 25.

Riot Games’ Other Titles in the Event

While Valorant players face the disappointment of their favorite title’s absence, Riot’s League of Legends and Teamfight Tactics are confirmed for the Valorant Esports World Cup schedule. League of Legends and TFT enthusiasts have their eyes set on the early weeks, as these titles make their mark among an array of contests in Riyadh.

Potential Changes for the Future

Hope isn’t lost for an Esports World Cup debut. Riot Games is contemplating reshuffling the VCT events for 2025, which could carve a slot for Valorant in next year’s Esports World Cup. Riot’s initial agreement may only be for a year, but they’re keeping an open mind as they navigate the future of their participation.

Controversy Surrounding the Esports World Cup

The Esports World Cup decision has stirred more than just scheduling debates. It’s awakened ethical concerns over affiliations with the Saudi Arabian government, known for human rights violations. Past decisions, like the dissolution of an LEC partnership with the NEOM project, hover in the background as Riot assesses navigating collaborations and competitive integrity.


As Riot Games evaluates the Valorant Esports World Cup scene. The community eagerly awaits more than just game updates. There’s anticipation for a stance that aligns with esports’ cherished values. Fans may wonder if Valorant will join the World Cup stage next year. However, more pressingly, they seek a tournament environment that upholds the honor of competition and social responsibility.

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