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Valorant Night Market, Disabled Due to Concerns

Valorant Night Market, Disabled Due to Concerns

    Last Updated on June 9, 2023

Riot Games decided to temporarily disable the Valorant Night Market due to concerns from players. This decision to disable it for Episode 6 Act 3 comes shortly after its release and the negative feedback from the players. After all, the Night Market is where some of the best weapons are sold for a discount. Yet, the initial offers did not satisfy the players in the community.

The Valorant Night Market took place beside the launch of Patch 6.11, which feature the Rifle Nerf. However, the initial interest in the market turned into concerns. This also led to the developers immediately disabling the shop after a few hours. Riot announced on their Twitter

What are Rotating Store Offers for Valorant Night Market?

Rotating Store Offers refers to a feature allowing a new item to become available after purchase. Undoubtedly, once you buy a new weapon cosmetic, you will receive a new offer. However, this malfunction caused tons of players to encounter issues inside their Valorant Night Market.

What Happens Now?

As of now, Riot Games does not have an estimated timeline to resolve this issue. You can head over to the Riot Games Service Status website to check for updates on the malfunction. Riot Games must also move quickly if they plan to have the market up before Episode 7 Act 1. 

Fans are eagerly awaiting the return of the Night Market after its temporary disable. After all, it was rare to find good skin during the previous Night Markets. The market is also one of the most looked-forward discounts in Valorant. Even more, Hundreds of players hope that Riot will reset the offers once it comes back online. Yet, some wish it stays disabled to avoid receiving the dissatisfaction of a bad offer.

However, no one has to worry about anything. After all, Riot acts in the best interests of its community and players. The temporary disable for the Night Market will be short, and players will finally get their hands on rare skins. Yet, the company must have plans to compensate players if the disable continues.

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