Valorant Map Sunset: All You Need to Know

Valorant Map Sunset: All You Need to Know

    Last Updated on August 28, 2023

Much like the Daydreams Skin, Valorant takes inspiration from Los Angeles for its new map titled Sunset. It has everything to pay homage to the West Coast city, including shops and murals familiar to LA. The map will arrive alongside the next patch in Episode 7 Act 2 at the end of this month. Although it seems simple enough, there are a few strategic notes to point out.

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Valorant’s New Map: Sunset

The new battleground will be part of the active map pool for Valorant alongside Breeze in Episode 7 Act 2. It is a straightforward map with no new functions or features that might leave players confused. Yet, it will also feature a more standard layout and design compared to maps like Lotus or Haven.

Sunset will be the new Valorant map that features two sites with three lanes. It’s on par with maps like Ascent or Icebox, with few unique features. However, the only issue might come from the middle part of the map. According to Joe Lansford, the middle might be fairly difficult to control because it doesn’t favor either attacking or defending sides.

He also states that they hope to see players and professional teams emphasize mid-control of the map. After all, whoever controls that area will find favorable opportunities to achieve victory in a match. However, it might not be a good idea to take control with long-range weapons like the Operator. This is because Joe also said that they made the middle of the map more rifle-range friendly.

The backstory for the new Valorant map stems from a sunset in Los Angeles. They referenced plenty of iconic features of LA, like food trucks, art pieces, and skate parks. However, the issue they encountered was the lighting of the map. Since they wanted a more neon-like sunset, they needed to take into account the lighting for players. Too bright or too dark could hinder a player’s aim and gameplay experience.

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