Valorant Lore Explained – The Story So Far

Valorant Lore Explained – The Story So Far

    Last Updated on June 15, 2023

Riot Games always has the best writers when it comes to their stories, like Valorant Lore. However, we also want to mention the in-depth and updated lore in League of Legends. We feel like Riot already proved a point with the release of Arcane and other cinematic trailers. So, we have the right to demand (just kidding) a Valorant animated series.

However, it has been some time since they released Valorant. There were plenty of new additions to the Valorant lore since then. We’re here to give you a quick run-through of what’s happened so far and what we can expect next. Even more, you can keep track of this article as we make updates to it once Riot releases new information or lore bits.

The Lore in Valorant Starts in…

Italy. That’s where the entry point of the Valorant cinematic universe begins. It’s a small tidbit of lore in Valorant that explores the conflict of the in-game setting. Apparently, some interested individuals want to plant a package. It also leads to the devastation of Italy where we can now see a floating piece of land in the sky.

Duelists Cinematic in Valorant Lore

The best cinematic to watch after that would be Duality. In that video, they also explain the setting, conflict, and sides of the game. Radianite is a valuable resource in the universe and a corporation called Kingdom runs the show. The rare resource in Valorant lore also gives powers to individuals, letting them become Radiants.

Kingdom Co. saw it as an opportunity to provide power to the rest of the world. However, the various illegal experiments and creation of super-weapons led to the origin of the VALORANT Protocol. The Protocol’s job is to put stopgaps in Kingdom’s and its enemies’ operations to abuse Radianite. After all, it could lead to another incident like Venice.

The Multiverse

The expansion of the Valorant lore to explore the multiverse is a bold move from Riot. After all, we now know that the individuals who destroyed Venice are from a parallel world. They are the VALORANT Protocol agents as well. However, to avoid confusion, the lore in Valorant separates them as Alpha and Omega agents.

Alpha and Omega Universes

It turns out that the Omega agents are trying to steal the Radianite from the Alpha universe. The Duality cinematic also explains that The Spike is stealing the rare resource from the environment. It also shows that the Omega agents show no signs of stopping or deviating from their plans.

After that, we get a glimpse of the Omega agents’ operations. We also saw the reason why they intend to keep stealing Radianite from the Alpha universe. It turns out that they were using it to fuel a life support system. There are clear indications that a calamity happened in the Omega universe, although it was never stated in Valorant lore.

The Valorant Lore So Far

Now, it seems that both sides of the conflict intend to continue down their paths. However, the arrival of Harbor created a new point of interest in the Valorant lore. Astra, one of the VALORANT Protocol agents, is originally from a group of universal guardians. She holds an ancient artifact, a gauntlet, that can control and command the cosmos to her will.

Astra and Harbor Explore the Guardians in Valorant Lore

Harbor also started finding his powers after an incident with a group of mercenaries. He found a bracelet that belonged to the guardians and can now wield the power of water. Now, it seems that both sides of the conflict in Valorant lore intend to find out more about the artifacts.

We can see in the cinematic, Revelation, that they were successful. However, it seems that the Omega agents were keeping track of their movements and figuring out their intent as well. Now, the Alpha agents had to recruit Gekko as he had the job of stealing something from the Omega agents’ corporation.

With a new agent coming up shortly after or during the VCT Masters Tokyo 2023, there will be more Valorant lore. We’ll keep this post updated as soon as we find out more. You can also follow us on social media to stay updated with the latest news.

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