Valorant China Receives Prime 1.0 Bundle for Regional Launch

Valorant China Receives Prime 1.0 Bundle for Regional Launch

    Last Updated on July 13, 2023

The Prime 1.0 Bundle makes its way to Valorant China after three long years. With the start of the new region, players anticipated Riot releasing the weapon cosmetics. After all, you can’t play without the added aesthetics of the skins. Any player would also want to grab the iconic cosmetics alongside much more loot! We’ll talk more about what’s coming. So, keep on reading.

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Why Is the Prime Bundle Coming to Valorant China?

The Prime bundle always makes its mark as one of the earliest weapon cosmetics released in Valorant. Riot Games also released the bundle across all regions that the game was in. Yet, it’s coming for the first time as China finally becomes a part of that region list.

It arrived yesterday, including the Prime Axe, Classic, Guardian, and Vandal. Now, players in China can experience smooth reload animations and addicting bullet and kill sounds. You also can’t deny that you’ve never wanted to hear the Prime last-kill sound effect.

However, the unique part is that the Prime 1.0 Bundle will cost less than its original price. Now, the weapon cosmetic will cost 5,160 Valorant Points (VP) instead of 7,100 VP. It raises many questions, especially for veteran gamers. Yet, it’s understandable since the VP in China will cost more to purchase than in other regions.

Valorant China will also receive other features, like the much-requested replay system. Developers dubbed the feature “the Fearless Moment,” allowing players to see the replay of their death. Players in China will also see in-game stats of other players’ performances.

Yet, what also makes the regional launch interesting, aside from the Prime 1.0 Bundle, is the exclusive skin. Chinese players will receive a Chinese server-exclusive melee weapon cosmetic, Kitana. More skins will also arrive as the server rolls out this month. Stay tuned to the website for more news.

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