VALORANT Champions Tour Stage 2 Will Not Include Abyss

VALORANT Champions Tour Stage 2 Will Not Include Abyss

    Last Updated on June 20, 2024

As you gear up for VALORANT Champions Tour Stage 2, get ready for a whirlwind of strategic gameplay. Patch 8.11 brings significant meta shifts with its duelist updates. However, if you’re eager to navigate the depths of the new map Abyss in VALORANT Champions Tour Stage 2, you’ll have to wait a bit longer. The map’s inclusion in the competitive scene is slated for the playoffs, not the initial matches.

Details on VCT Americas League Stage 2 Start

VALORANT Champions Tour Stage 2 is underway, and with it comes the deployment of the 8.11 duelist patch. You’ll witness the buffed-up Iso and Neon, alongside a more balanced Reyna and the altered Raze with her satchel movement changes. Players can expect these updated duelists to be in play right from the get-go.

Map Pool Adjustments for VCT Stage 2

While the VALORANT Champions Tour Stage 2 Abyss map won’t be an immediate challenge, the map pool still promises freshness. Haven makes a comeback, replacing Breeze, and the lineup that players will strategize around includes Ascent, Bind, Icebox, Lotus, Sunset, and Split. Here’s a quick glance:

Map Pool Adjustments:

  • Removed: Breeze
  • Returned: Haven
  • Remaining: Ascent, Bind, Icebox, Lotus, Sunset, Split
  • Pending Addition: Abyss (Replacing Split for playoffs)

This pause offers teams a moment to refine strategies before enduring the intensity of Abyss later in the series.

Global Perspective on VCT Stage 2 Map Changes

As you look beyond the Americas, the VALORANT Champions Tour Stage 2 wait for Abyss is a global affair. Leagues from the Pacific to EMEA are syncing up with Americas, embracing Patch 8.11’s gameplay changes.

Yet, much like the Americas, these regions won’t see Abyss in their map rotations until the playoffs. VCT Pacific has recently pivoted to include Haven instead of Breeze, with VCT China and EMEA setting a similar course.

Impact of Duelist Changes and Map Pool on VCT Stage 2

The VALORANT Champions Tour Stage 2 is heating up, without Abyss in sight for now. The buffed duelists are already shaking up ranked play, suggesting new tactical possibilities. This could well spill over into the VCT scene, where adaptability is key. Keep an eye out for the dramatic playstyles that the new duelist dynamics will encourage.


Looking ahead, the absence of the Abyss map from the early stages of the VALORANT Champions Tour Stage 2 leaves room for speculation and strategy. It’s a chance for players and teams to craft new tactics and for you to watch how the meta evolves without this wild card in play—until the playoffs, that is. When Abyss finally makes its grand entrance, expect the unexpected as players plunge into new depths of competitive VALORANT gameplay.

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