VALORANT Ascension Teams Will Stay in VCT Next Year

VALORANT Ascension Teams Will Stay in VCT Next Year

    Last Updated on June 23, 2024

Get ready, VALORANT fans, as the landscape of competitive play evolves with Riot Games introducing groundbreaking rule changes for VALORANT Ascension teams. These changes pave the way for a more dynamic and merit-based VCT, where teams now have the opportunity to carve out their place in the league’s future based on performance, rather than time alone.

New Rules Explained

Starting in 2025, VALORANT Ascension teams looking to make their mark in the VCT will face a new set of rules. The path to VCT has been recalibrated; teams can now secure their spot not just for two. However, potentially for more years, based on their achievements in international play.

Details of the 2025 Rule Changes:

  • Promotion Duration: Shortened to one year for Ascension teams.
  • Criteria for Staying: Based on international league performance.

Performance Criteria for VALORANT Ascension Teams

To solidify their standing in the VCT, VALORANT Ascension teams must display exceptional prowess. Come 2025, if a team ranks in the top four of their international VCT league, they’re granted an extension for another season.

Securing a top-eight finish, but not the top four, still holds a silver lining. They’ll qualify automatically for that year’s Ascension tournament, offering a shot at redemption to reclaim their VCT spot. Fall outside the top eight, and they return to the Challengers leagues to regroup and fight another day.

Scenarios for Ascension Teams in 2025

With the prospect of multiple VALORANT Ascension teams in the fray, the 2025 season could unfold in various intriguing ways. Should both Ascension teams from a league advance to Champions. The better performer at the event earns their place for another term.

While the latter faces the Ascension tournament again. In the event both teams miss the top-eight mark, they will make way for two fresh contenders promoted through the system.

Long-Term Plans for the International Leagues

The VCT’s commitment to providing a stage for the top 12 teams remains steadfast, with no plans to expand beyond this number. This cap ensures that every single one of the VALORANT Ascension teams, present and future. Will have equal opportunity to compete at the highest levels, a chance to be part of the zenith of VALORANT esports.

Pathways to Promotion

Looking ahead, the VALORANT Premier mode’s Invite Division is set to become a new channel for teams aiming for the VCT. This will add yet another dimension to VALORANT’s growing competitive ecosystem. Signaling Riot’s intention to keep the VCT accessible yet challenging for ambitious squads worldwide.


The VALORANT Ascension teams stand on the brink of a new era within the VCT. One where their fate is tied not to time but to their tenacity and triumphs. With Riot’s latest rules, the message is clear: perform and prevail.

This reinforcement of meritocracy in the esports realm promises a more exciting and unpredictable VCT. As every match can potentially redefine a team’s destiny. For Ascension teams, the battle lines are drawn, and glory awaits.

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