Valorant Affiliate System Set for Tier Two Valorant?

Valorant Affiliate System Set for Tier Two Valorant?

    Last Updated on August 13, 2023

Riot Games recently revealed a slew of tournaments for the Valorant Off-Season, dubbed as VCT OFF//SEASON. However, it appears that those are not the only plans they have. They also have something cooking about the Valorant affiliate system for next year. Yet, nothing is set in stone for the moment. Keep reading to find out more.

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Valorant Affiliate System for Tier Two

Riot discussed it with the teams but they did not make an official statement yet. However, it is a system where International League teams have the option to partner with a Valorant Challengers team. The system will allow them to bring their players up for the main roster or drop them down.

This new affiliate system for Valorant teams brings in many questions alongside its benefits. For one, who will be paying the players? Would the VCT-partnered team pay for the salary of the players who will affiliate with them? A report from The Loadout confirms that the VCT team will pay for the affiliated players’ salaries.

However, the source at WIN.gg disputed this saying that the Tier Two team has to pay. Yet, the responsibility will be on the VCT-partnered team participating. So, the VCT-partnered team will pay if a player from a Tier Two team will move up to the main roster.

Riot Games believes that this new affiliate system in Valorant will create more opportunities for new talents. It also allows them to navigate the partnership league without going through contract issues or buyouts. 

This might be pressure from the statement coming from Ludwig, who is an influential figure in the community. After all, The Guard is a Tier Two team who dominated in tournaments. However, they will still need to climb to be eligible to play in VCT Champions.

With this new Valorant affiliate system, The Guard can now partner up with Valorant Challengers teams. Their players could get access to the stage with no issues. Now, it is up to the community to respond. What do you think of this new system? Stay tuned to the website as we bring you more information.

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