Toxic Valorant Players Will Now Receive Insta-Mute Penalty

Toxic Valorant Players Will Now Receive Insta-Mute Penalty

    Last Updated on July 29, 2023

Have you ever been in a match with toxic Valorant players who either spam slurs or scream into the microphone? Well, we’ve got some good news for you because Riot Games has plans to punish them harder. Now, there will be a real-time evaluation of the chat system. Yet, will they also monitor the voice communication system?

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Instant Penalties for Toxic Valorant Players

Now, tons of players will have to reconsider before chatting. After all, the game has an extreme problem with toxic players. Although Riot has put plenty of countermeasures, it still hasn’t stopped since the game launched. Now, the moderators plan to stop any toxicity in their tracks immediately.

Riot will now track toxic Valorant players in real time with their new secret technology. They will evaluate ALL text messages in Valorant, which will lead to fair but firm punishments. Yet, we don’t know how they can counter this in the voice communication system.

Today, Valorant will begin a global rollout of our Real-Time Text Evaluation and intervention system. Up until recently, the system which mutes players in voice and text chat who send disruptive text messages in the game was tested in NA regions only.

Riot Games

Toxic Valorant players will have a hard time fighting this enforcement. After all, they will receive penalties DURING a game and might get muted or chat restricted for what they said. Riot also says that this system will encourage healthy communication instead of another verbal abuse session.

Although some might think that it could be too strict, its aim is to counter toxicity. Players also fear that the real-time evaluation won’t take contextual awareness, which could sabotage a game. The ones who try to communicate may end up getting banned for saying the wrong thing.

Should Riot release a list of words or should they improve the list to consider the context? Riot did say that they will continue to gather universal data and force players to be careful of what they say. It may end up with more toxic Valorant players using voice comms than usual. Stay tuned to the website to find out more.

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