Top Ranked VALORANT Radiant Player Only 14 Years Old

Top Ranked VALORANT Radiant Player Only 14 Years Old

    Last Updated on March 21, 2023

As a player of VALORANT, it is my dream to one day become a Radiant Player. Radiant is the highest rank you can ever achieve in VALORANT. In some way or somehow, a 14-year-old was able to attain the highest rank possible and top the leaderboards.

Does youth trump experience? Youthful players take up most of Esports with mind-boggling mechanical skills and reaction times. Even more, young prodigies destined for greatness once they come of age dominate ranked lobbies.

14-year-old Darxcio is the latest example of a rising star. He’s made a name for himself as a VALORANT Radiant Player. Despite his young age, he reached the number one spot on the global Valorant leaderboard on January 26. This is also according to, and he’s edging out pros who play the game for a living.

Valorant organizes its Immortal and Radiant leaderboard rankings according to their regions. It won’t allow players to view a global ranking. However, third-party websites like feature aggregate global leaderboards, so players can see how they stack up across regions.

Who is the Radiant Player Darxcio?

Darxcio Ranked 1 Radiant Player

According to his Twitter bio, Darxcio reached the rank of Radiant at only 14 years old. Darxcio currently has 102 wins to his name in Episode 6 Act I, along with a 1.08 K/D ratio and 53.1% win rate. 

He has played mainly Jett, Raze, and Killjoy, but has spent significant time on agents like Fade, Sage, and Phoenix.

This impressive milestone of reaching Rank 1 in the world comes after three years of playing in Radiant. Even more impressive is that this was most likely on a European server, which is notoriously hard to climb.

The 14-year-old has said that it is his dream to go pro in Valorant, but he will likely have to wait until he gets a little older. The minimum age for Valorant Challengers is currently 16, while VCT-partnered teams require their players to be at least 18.

He has demonstrated just how incredible of a player he is to be able to reach Rank 1 in the world at such a young age. His stats also reflect this on the website. Not only does he have a 62.8 percent average, 704 hits, in body shots. He also holds a 31.1 percent accuracy in headshots.

Having reached rank one in Radiant on an EU server, it is highly likely we will see DarXcio receive offers from teams. Hopefully enabling him to fulfill his goal of becoming a pro player in VALORANT. 

If being ranked the number one in Europe is anything to go by at age 14, he has a long very successful career ahead of him. You can catch his gameplay live on stream on his Twitch where he already has 25, 000 subscribers.

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