Tier 2 Changes Make Ludwig Call Out Head of Valorant Esports

Tier 2 Changes Make Ludwig Call Out Head of Valorant Esports

    Last Updated on August 1, 2023

The promised changes to Tier 2 Valorant are a response to famous participating Esports organizations dropping their rosters. Streamer extraordinaire Ludwig has since called out the Head of Valorant Esports for the frustrating change. After all, many orgs in all three regions dropped their teams after VCT Ascension. So, what is the problem here?

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Tier 2 Changes Due to Frustration

After VCT Ascension, teams like Bleed Esports, The Guard, and Gentle Mates qualified for the next two seasons. However, they still need to participate in the Tier 2 offseason to “Ascend”. After all, they aren’t partnered teams that can instantly make it to the VCT Champions.

The high-risk, low-rewards outlook for the offseason just isn’t worth it for the Esports organizations. Take a look at FaZe Clan, which immediately dropped its Valorant roster after teams like G2 Esports. There just aren’t enough tournaments during the offseason, which means that players will be idle for most of the time. This is also the reason why Leo Faria, Head of Valorant Esports, promised changes to Tier 2 Valorant.

It’s also why Ludwig proposed to run T2 Valorant tournaments, hoping to incentivize the offseason. After all, the promise to adjust the offseason tournaments will only happen next year. There isn’t much for Riot Games to do this year. Yet, that’s not the only opinion going around in the community.

Streamer and owner of DSG, Disguised Toast, also had something to say to the organizations dropping their players before the Tier 2 changes. He called them out asking if they were really supporting the economy of Valorant in the Esports industry. It might be a valid opinion but it does ignore the glaring issue that there are no opportunities for the teams to play.

What do you think? Is it right for the Esports orgs to drop their rosters, seeing as nothing is happening for now? Or is it wrong for them to drop their teams when the going gets rough? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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