Team Heretics Miniboo Will Miss Masters Shanghai 2024

Team Heretics Miniboo Will Miss Masters Shanghai 2024

    Last Updated on May 16, 2024

Rising esports star Dominykas “Miniboo” Lukaševičius from Team Heretics will not compete in VALORANT Masters Shanghai 2024. As part of Team Heretics, Miniboo has shown himself to be a formidable competitor, but now he’s facing a new challenge off the battlefield: burnout.


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The Rise of Burnout in Pro VALORANT

You’ve seen them compete at the highest levels, but even the best players face limits. Miniboo from Team Heretics is the latest pro to experience burnout, a pressing issue in the VALORANT esports scene. His absence from Masters Shanghai 2024 is a wake-up call to an industry where packed schedules are stretching players thin.

Miniboo’s Challenging Season

At just 18, Miniboo juggles professional play with schoolwork, a balancing act that has taken its toll as the season wore on. His commitment to both pursuits has been admirable, but it ultimately contributed to the decision for him to miss Masters Shanghai 2024, prioritizing his health and recovery.

Team Heretics’ Response

Team Heretics has made the “hard but correct decision” to bench Miniboo after signs of burnout became apparent during the VCT EMEA Stage One playoffs. They’re now preparing to announce their updated roster status for Masters Shanghai 2024, ensuring they continue to compete without compromising their players’ health.

Esports Calendar and Player Health

The packed VALORANT competitive calendar has left little room for breaks, especially for teams like Heretics that excel internationally. Recognizing this, changes are on the horizon for 2025, promising a more spaced-out schedule to benefit players. A change that might come too late for Miniboo this season, but will be a relief for others facing similar challenges.


Miniboo’s decision to step back from the Masters Shanghai 2024 spotlights the importance of player health in esports. His situation is a critical reminder that behind every screen name and epic play is a person whose well-being is paramount. As the industry evolves, ensuring the health of its stars will be key to its sustainability and success.

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