Split Removed Until Patch 8.08 Valorant

Split Removed Until Patch 8.08 Valorant

    Last Updated on April 29, 2024

Valorant players, take note: Riot has temporarily removed Split from the matchmaking rotation. This decision by Riot Games comes in response to an exploit discovered on the map, affecting gameplay across all modes, including Premier Week and Premier Playoffs. The expected comebackof Split will be the release of Patch 8.08.


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Discovery of Bugs in Valorant

Riot Games has identified two bugs that have recently surfaced in Valorant:

  • The first bug involves Cypher’s Trapwire, which erroneously remains visible on teammates’ maps after his death.
  • The second, more critical issue is an exploit Riot Games found on the map Split. Necessitating its removal from the matchmaking pool to ensure fair play.

In response to these bugs, Riot Games has taken the following actions:

  • Riot has removed Split Valorant matchmaking to prevent the exploit from affecting competitive integrity.
  • Patch 8.08, scheduled for April 30, plans to address and fix these bugs, allowing Split to return to the map pool.

Community Speculation and Implications of Split’s Removal

The Valorant community has been actively speculating about the nature of the Split exploit:

  • Players suspect it involves new, unintended locations on the map that certain agents can reach.
  • Riot Games has not confirmed the specifics, but they will focus on resolving the issue in the upcoming patch.

The temporary removal of Split from matchmaking has led to several immediate changes in Valorant’s competitive scene:

  • The map Ascent will replace Split for Premier Week’s Episode 8 Act 2 Week 7.
  • Split will also be excluded from the map selection process during the Act’s Premier Playoffs.

Despite its absence from public matchmaking, Split remains available for play in custom games:

  • Players can continue to practice and strategize on Split within custom game settings.
  • This ensures that the map remains an active part of team strategies and individual practice.


The temporary removal of Split from Valorant matchmaking presents an opportunity for players to adapt and explore other maps. As we await the return of Split with Patch 8.08, it’s important to stay informed and ready to jump back into the action on this classic map.

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