Riot Games Schedules 40+ Valorant Tournaments for Off-Season

Riot Games Schedules 40+ Valorant Tournaments for Off-Season

    Last Updated on August 13, 2023

There are now over 40+ tournaments for the Valorant Off-Season, including exclusive events for all regions. After all, the Valorant 2023 season will close with VCT Champions in Los Angeles. Riot Games planned a lot of tournaments, although there are still four months left in 2023. However, this could be the result of pressure from the players and Esports organizations in the scene.

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The Issue of Valorant Off-Season

Before we get into the details, you will need to know the context that might be the reason for the 40+ tournaments. Last month, Esports organizations, like FaZe Clan, decided to drop their rosters due to the lack of activity in the scene. There just weren’t enough tournaments to support the players in the participating organizations.

This led to popular streamer Ludwig calling out Valorant Heads for not having enough tournaments for the Off-Season. Since VCT Champions will end this month, there wasn’t anything to fill the gap between the two seasons. Since then, Riot Games decided to listen to the players and do what’s best for them.

Now, Riot created over 40+ tournaments for everyone to enjoy during the gap. These include events in all three regions, namely: the Americas, EMEA, and the Pacific. Yet, these aren’t just official matches. They also include online shows and different LAN tournaments sanctioned by Riot Games.

Although they wanted to announce it on August 15, the full list of tournaments for the Valorant Off-Season went live as soon as possible. It will be the first of many announcements of the VCT Off//Season.

Valorant Off-Season
VCT OFF//SEASON | Valorant EMEA YouTube

Full List of OFF//SEASON Tournaments

Americas Valorant Off-Season

  • AGS Cup (September 3 – October 16 Buenos Aires, Argentina)
  • Neon Dream Women’s Valorant Invitational (September 6-10)
  • Resistance Cup by G-Shock (September 12-15)
  • The Knight’s Forge (September 21-24)
  • For Those Who Dare (September 30 to November 4)
  • Liquid Open (October 2-15)
  • MEG 2023 (October 5 to November 4)
  • ACE Double Down (October 18-19)
  • Spike Drop: Vegas Heist (October 27-29)
  • Plan the Spike for Charity (November 2-5)
  • The Cozy Clash (November 6 to December 7)
  • The OFF//SEASON Showdown (November 10-12)
  • SUPERDOME (November 10-12)
  • Valorant Cross-Fire (November 15-26)
  • GGWP 2023 (November 25-26)
  • Geek Lounge VALORANT Invitational (November 28 to December 9)

There might also be a Ludwig x Tarik Invitation Two. We’ll let you know once we have more information.

Pacific Valorant Off-Season

  • Mineski VxV 2023 (August 18 to November 5)
  • TEC Challenger Series (September 2 to September 3)
  • The VALORANT Sensational Social Summer Shindig (September 8-10)
  • Red Bull Home Ground (September 11 to November 5)
  • The Nerdpunt Invitational (September 15 to October 29)
  • XP Esports Weekend Events (October 4 & 18, November 11, 15, & 22)
  • Japan Hype Up Tour JAPAN (October 2, 3, & November 11)
  • FFL RESORT (Okinawa, Japan | October 13 -15)
  • The Liquid Open Powered by IMC (October 9-22)
  • Penta Pro Series VALORANT Season Two (October 25 to December 10)
  • VALORANT Game Changers OCE (November 11-19)
  • HACG CUP (Finals on Nov 18)
  • VALORANT India Invitational ‘23 (November 24-26)
  • Asia-Pacific Predator League Grand Finals (January 13-14)

EMEA Valorant Off-Season

  • Challengers DACH Arcade (September 16 to November 26)
  • Coupe De France (September 21 to October 1)
  • Crossfire x Mediamarkt e Intel (October 2 to November 12)
  • THE POKAL (October to December)
  • STYRDA VALORANT NORDIC CLASH (October 2 to December 17)
  • Spike Nations EMEA (October 24 to December 17)
  • SUPERDOME (November 4 to December 9)
  • Challengers Portugal: Drift (November 26)
  • ESA Open Fire All Stars (November to December)

So, these are all the tournaments that we will find for the Valorant Off-Season, dubbed OFF//SEASON. Are you excited? Let us know your thoughts in the comments. Don’t forget to stay tuned to the website as we bring you the latest news.

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