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Players In Outrage After Phantom Valorant Nerf

Players In Outrage After Phantom Valorant Nerf

    Last Updated on June 8, 2023

Patch 6.11 had tons of new updates but players were quick to jump on the Valorant nerf involving the Phantom. Although the nerf also included the Vandal, it makes a bigger impact on the Phantom. After all, it is one of the most effective and accurate weapons in the game.

Episode 6 is coming to a close, and Riot Games decided to roll out a big patch for Episode 7. It’s full of tweaks, buffs, and the ever-scrutinized Valorant nerfs. The Vandal and Phantom are definitely the most used weapons in the game. The decision to nerf these rifles can make an impact on the overall gameplay for the players.

What Could the Rifle Valorant Nerf Mean?

As of now, the Vandal and Phantom still have three extra magazines in reserve. These magazines include 75 extra bullets for the Vandal and 90 extra bullets for the Phantom. It allowed players to spam their bullets through smokes and barriers. However, Riot Games has other plans.

Riot specifically designed this Valorant nerf to stop the spamming meta, and to help Controllers and Sentinels. Patch 6.11 will aim to adjust the number of reserved magazines to reduce the bullet count for the rifles. Here’s the new adjustment:

  • Phantom Reserve Ammo from 90 to 60
  • Vandal Reserve Ammo from 75 to 50

Although it doesn’t change the number of active bullets, it will now make players aware of their ammo count. Even more, the Valorant nerf also aims to stop players who rely on spamming their bullets and getting lucky kills.

Even more, it will heavily impact players who use the Phantom. After all, they might think twice before spamming their bullets through smokes and utilities. In the current meta, anyone can just pick up a Phantom and spray without thinking, hoping to land a kill. We can’t say that we haven’t used this meta too.

It also automatically buffs barriers and smokes for Sentinels and Controllers. However, Riot tried to assure the players that the Valorant nerf will not change how people get rid of Sage’s Wall. Yet, it also forces players to focus on their aim and to think twice before wasting any more bullets. Otherwise, they might run out of ammo before getting a kill or making an impact.

Why Are Valorant Players Outraged?

Phantom Valorant Nerf Causes Outrage

It’s also not a secret that players do not like this Valorant nerf. Although professional and high-ranked players are willing to accept the nerf, many players won’t. Some even went as far as to say that it was unnecessary.

According to the players, the change would enable others to switch to the Odin. After all, it is an LMG with 100 active bullets and 200 more in reserve. It works best to control tight angles and spam bullets through smokes and barriers. Anyone who relied on spamming their bullets would immediately switch to the Odin.

Undoubtedly, only time will tell if these changes and Valorant nerfs will impact the game heavily. Once there is enough data for Riot to see after the change, they might make balance changes at a later date.

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