Paper Rex: Favorites to Early Exit – The Unexpected Turn at Masters Shanghai

Paper Rex: Favorites to Early Exit – The Unexpected Turn at Masters Shanghai

    Last Updated on June 14, 2024

Paper Rex during Pacific Stage 1 was a massive hurdle to fight against, especially with Jing back in the roster. The team was as strong as ever, consistently making international appearances. With a 4-1 score heading into the playoffs of Pacific, they were confident. Their only defeat came from Team Secret during the group stages, and they even defeated Gen G, the runner-up from the last Masters Madrid.

This set the stage for Paper Rex in Masters Shanghai. Defeating Gen G, the runner-up of Masters Madrid, was a statement of their strength. The “W gaming” strategy they always used kept everyone on their toes.


In the playoffs, Paper Rex maintained their dominance. They beat DRX, who was at the top of the Omega Group leaderboard, and cruised through everyone, including Gen G. Although it was a tight match, they managed to win in the end.

Direct Playoff Seeds: A Tough Journey for Everyone Except Paper Rex


100T in the Americas region was one of the strongest contenders for the top spot if compared to Paper Rex. They stayed at the top during the playoffs, but analysts had doubts due to their early struggles. Finishing 3-2 in the group stages, they were defeated by Sentinels in Week 1 and KRU in Week 4. Despite this, they were seen as one of the strongest squads to contest against PRX.


The Chinese stage is always a different story. Even the top seeds are often said to lack macro play and rely on hero performances. EDG exemplifies this with their star player, Zmjjkk. Despite being the top team, they struggled with consistency.

FPX sent them to the lower brackets, exposing their reliance on individual talent rather than team coordination. While they beat Paper Rex months ago at Masters Madrid, doubts remained about their macro play on the bigger stage.


FNC was the biggest wildcard in the EMEA region. They managed to pull off one of the most surprising runs among all regions. Not initially seen as the strongest squad, the likes of FUT and Na’vi were more favored during group stages. FNC finished 3-3 but had a massive run against all favorites.

They beat FUT and Heretics, winning against Team Heretics by a hair to secure their spot. Despite their rough patches, they pulled through, but comparing them to Paper Rex was challenging.

Paper Rex Ws to the Lower Bracket

Paper Rex entered the Masters Shanghai with high expectations, having dominated the Pacific stage. Their first match against G2 Esports, who were considered underdogs as the second-place team from the Americas, was anticipated to be a straightforward win for PRX. However, the outcome was surprising.

The first game was a disaster for G2 Esports. They couldn’t handle Paper Rex’s aggressive double duelist composition. The trio of Something, Jinggg, and Mindfreak dominated, each securing at least 10 kills in the first ten rounds. PRX obliterated G2 with an 11-1 score in the first half. Although G2 showed some resilience in the second half, winning six rounds, PRX secured the victory with a final score of 13-7.

The second game on Lotus was a different story. G2 Esports looked more confident, matching Paper Rex’s tempo in the first half. Icy, who struggled in the first game, turned the tables. G2 maintained their momentum in the second half, controlling the game with a double controller composition. They closed the map with a 13-10 victory, tying the series.

The decider on Bind was a one-sided affair. G2 Esports dismantled Paper Rex in the first half, taking a 10-2 lead. Icy, Trent, Leaf, and Valyn mirrored PRX’s earlier dominance, each securing at least ten kills. G2’s strong performance continued in the second half, and they ultimately sent PRX to the lower bracket with a decisive win.

Paper Rex Moves Forward and Wins Against EDG

In the first game against EDG, Paper Rex chose an unusual composition featuring Reyna. The match was tense from the beginning, with both teams trading rounds. The first half ended in a 6-6 tie, showing how close the competition was. However, Paper Rex managed to secure key rounds in the second half, winning 13-11. Despite some struggles, they got the win they needed.

The second game took place on Sunset, a map where Paper Rex had performed well on. They dominated EDG from the start, controlling the map and allowing EDG to win only six rounds. The match concluded with a convincing victory for Paper Rex, allowing them to advance further in the tournament.

Paper Rex Gets their Early Exit

The opening match against 100 Thieves on Breeze started rough for Paper Rex. 100T dominated the first half, securing an 8-4 lead. Despite Paper Rex’s efforts to mount a comeback after switching sides, they only managed to win one round in the second half. The match ended in a 13-5 defeat, with Asuna’s outstanding performance being a key factor in 100T’s win.

In the second game on Sunset, Paper Rex showcased their strengths. Jing and Forsaken led the charge, helping PRX take an 8-4 lead by halftime. Although 100T fought back in the second half, closing the gap and winning four consecutive rounds, PRX kept their composure. They managed to win the next four rounds in a row, securing a 13-10 victory and tying the series.

The decisive third game on Icebox was a nail-biter. Both teams traded rounds in a tense back-and-forth battle. Paper Rex, driven by Jinggg and something, pushed aggressively. However, 100T, with Asuna and Boostio leading, matched their intensity. The first half ended with 100T narrowly leading 7-5, which they extended to 11-7 in the second half.

Just as it seemed 100T would clinch the win, Paper Rex mounted a fierce comeback, tying the score at 11-11. Despite their efforts, 100T managed to secure the 23rd round, reaching match point. PRX forced overtime, but 100T’s resilience and individual brilliance prevailed. T

hey swiftly closed out the overtime rounds, winning the match and advancing to the lower bracket semi-final of Masters Shanghai, eliminating PRX from the competition. 

Paper Rex Needs to Regroup

This unexpected early exit from Masters Shanghai serves as a wake-up call for Paper Rex. Known for their strong performances and consistent appearances on the big stage, this tournament was anticipated to be their chance to secure a major victory. However, their 1-2 record and early elimination highlighted areas needing improvement.

Paper Rex’s W gaming have always been their trademark, but this time, it wasn’t enough. Regrouping and reassessing their strategies will be crucial for Paper Rex moving forward. They need to analyze what went wrong, particularly in their approach to different maps and opponents.

With the right adjustments and renewed focus, Paper Rex can bounce back stronger and reclaim their position as one of the top teams in the scene.

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