New Valorant Agent – Deadlock Abilities, Release Date

New Valorant Agent – Deadlock Abilities, Release Date

    Last Updated on June 26, 2023

When we talked about Agent 23, the new Valorant agent, we did not expect her to be this awesome. Riot Games just introduced us to their newest addition to the roster, Deadlock. We also expected the release to be after VCT Masters Tokyo 2023. As if right on cue, Riot releases the new Episode 7 cinematic alongside Deadlock’s gameplay trailer, showcasing her abilities.

UNMADE // Episode 7 Cinematic - VALORANT

Who is the New Valorant Agent?

Deadlock, aka Agent 23, is a Norwegian operative that’s quite dangerous to handle. She uses the latest nanowire technology, locking down sites and fortifying the battlefield. Deadlock’s abilities as the new Valorant agent also make her the prime Sentinel for the latest meta.

Her character design also seems flawless, seemingly prepared to react against the initial attack. Yet, the developers explained that’s exactly what they designed her for. Deadlock’s abilities and overall impact on the game are reliant on players who excel at situational responses. Well, don’t take it from us. This is the exact statement made by Alexander Mistakidis, Valorant Game Designer:

“Our goal with Deadlock’s gameplay was to create an Agent who can actively hold their ground using utility, rather than relying solely on pre-set setups”

Alexander Mistakidis, Valorant Game Designer

The developers also hoped that it appeals to players who value information-based strategy. They also emphasized the improvisational nature of the new Valorant agent. This means that Deadlock’s abilities don’t have an exact way how you utilize them. It’s more on using them on a situational basis, where you’re more free to strategize on the fly.

What are Deadlock’s Abilities?

With a new valorant agent joining the roster as a Sentinel, everyone is on edge to know her abilities. After all, it takes some time to get used to new additions to the game. Even more so if players want to know how to counter these new abilities.

Each one of Deadlock’s abilities has the potential to be a game-changer. Undoubtedly, her design is to also force opponents to change their strategy when attacking sites. She also has the potential to outclass and outrank the other Valorant Sentinels with her abilities. However, that’s a different discussion for another time. Here are her abilities:

New Valorant Agent Deadlock Abilities GravNet

Ability (C) – GravNet

Deadlock’s first ability is the GravNet. She throws a grenade that detonates upon impact, which forces enemies to crouch and move slower. It’s also an ability with the potential to turn the tides once the enemy starts to push on a site. However, it also does not state that it restricts movement. So, Jett’s dash or Raze’s satchels might be your escape.

Press (C) to equip the GravNet and left-click to throw the ability. You can also use your alt-fire or right-click to lob an underhand.

Second Deadlock Ability Sonic Sensor

Ability (Q) – Sonic Sensor

The second one of Deadlock’s abilities is Sonic Sensor. It acts like a tripwire or monitoring device which can detect enemy sounds. If it detects any significant noise, like footsteps or weapon fire, it sends out a concussive wave. This wave will also daze or disorient any enemies in the area.

Press (Q) to equip the Sonic Sensor and left-click to deploy the ability.

Barrier Mesh Ability from New Valorant Agent

Ability (E) – Barrier Mesh

One of Deadlock’s abilities called Barrier Mesh is her free ability. She throws a disc that can generate a four-pronged barrier. It acts like Sage’s wall but the shape is an “X”. The barrier also blocks agent abilities, like Sova’s arrows or Gekko’s Wingman. However, you can shoot the edges of the barrier to break it down.

Press (E) to equip the Barrier Mesh and left-click to throw.

Deadlock Abilities Nanowire Accelerator

Ability (X) – Nanowire Accelerator

Deadlock’s ultimate ability is the Nanowire Accelerator. It’s an incredibly powerful crowd control ability, ensnaring the first enemy it hits. Once the Accelerator hits an enemy, it also encases them in a cocoon. The ability then pulls the cocoon along the path of nanowires and will kill the enemy if it reaches the endpoint. Yet, you can also free your ally and stop them from dying by shooting the cocoon. However, it’s quite easy to dodge since it acts like a Sova ultimate.

Press (X) to equip the ability and left-click to fire the Accelerator. It will bounce once if it hits a wall, but will trap the first enemy hit. It also does not pass through walls.

That’s all of the Deadlock abilities that we will see in Episode 7 Act 1. You can expect to start earning points to unlock her on June 27. Don’t be afraid to experiment with her because Riot Games wants you to think on the fly when playing.

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