Mystbloom Skin in Valorant: Temporarily Disabled Due to Wallhack

Mystbloom Skin in Valorant: Temporarily Disabled Due to Wallhack

    Last Updated on May 6, 2024

Valorant players, you might have noticed something off recently. A glitch known as the Mystbloom Wallhack has crept into the game, causing quite a stir. This issue, linked to the new Mystbloom skins, has forced Riot Games to take swift action, temporarily removing these skins from the game to maintain the competitive integrity that Valorant is known for.


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Discovery of the Exploit

Players uncovered the wallhack bug as they saw enemies after using ‘Inspect’ on the Mystbloom weapon skins. It would reveal enemy outlines through walls—an unintended and game-breaking effect. This exploit has put a spotlight on the importance of vigilance.

Riot Games’ Response

In response to the Mystbloom Wallhack bug, Riot Games acted quickly, announcing the temporary removal of the skins to prevent any unfair advantage. The company is known for its proactive stance on such issues, and this situation has been no exception.

Riot has disabled the Mystbloom skin line. Along with certain levels of the Magepunk 3, Imperium, and Primordium skin lines due to bugs. Riot is cooking up a hotfix soon, particularly for the Mystbloom skins. So players won’t be without their new cosmetics for long.

Community and Developer Interaction

Riot’s cosmetics team has been transparent with the community regarding the Mystbloom Wallhack. Sean Marino and Preeti Khanolkar have acknowledged the issue. Additionally, they assured players that a patch is in the works, highlighting the team’s dedication to resolving the problem swiftly.

The Mystbloom Wallhack gave players an unintended edge, which goes against Riot’s commitment to a level playing field. The quick removal of the affected skins underscores the developer’s dedication to fair competition and the overall health of the game’s esports environment.


As we await the fix for the Mystbloom Wallhack, it’s clear that the community plays a crucial role in identifying and reporting such glitches. Riot’s willingness to listen and react promptly continues to build trust with players, ensuring that Valorant remains a fair and competitive experience for all.

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