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MMR vs. RR: What’s The Difference in Valorant?

MMR vs. RR: What’s The Difference in Valorant?

    Last Updated on August 27, 2023

MMR vs. RR, which do you think is more important when playing Valorant? The simplest answer to this question is both. Although both systems will utilize data for your progression, they also set the framework for your gameplay experience. So, it’s best to get better in Valorant to increase your points for your Matchmaking Rating and Rank Rating.

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MMR vs. RR in Valorant

It might be a bit confusing for first-time tactical FPS players. After all, it’s easy to say that both ratings are the exact same thing. However, there are a few bits that set both systems apart from each other. Firstly, Rank Rating and Matchmaking Rating will affect your gameplay and rank games.

MMR will decide who you get to play with in ranked games, whereas RR is what contributes to the rank. The Matchmaking Rating is the hidden numerical value of your account’s skill level. A player cannot see their MMR value vs. RR which you can see after a match. After all, Valorant will match you with players of the same skill level as you.

The Rank Rating is the points you gain and lose after a match. The points you can get can range from 8 to 33 points, which will depend on your performance. In Valorant, you need to gain 100 RR to move on to the next rank tier. So, you will need to get an average of 20 to 25 RR if you want to rank up quickly.

However, this is where we get the MMR vs. RR debate. Simply put, your Matchmaking Rating in games is what will determine how much RR you gain or lose. You need to perform better in Valorant matches if you want to keep increasing both. Here’s an article for a few Valorant tips and tricks for rookies.

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