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Job Listing Sparks Valorant Console Beta Rumors

Job Listing Sparks Valorant Console Beta Rumors

    Last Updated on July 5, 2023

Rumors spark about the Valorant console Beta due to a recent job listing from Riot Games. Fans were quick to point this out. Any news regarding playing the game on either PlayStation or Xbox is undoubtedly popular. After all, gamers also keep requesting to have the tactical shooter FPS on a console.

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Will Valorant Be on the Console?

It’s not a joke when we say the Valorant has since become one of the most popular tactical shooter titles in the gaming space. A brand new 5v5 game on the PC always feels good to play, especially if you come from another FPS. Yet, much like Overwatch, why isn’t Valorant on the console platform?

Tons of players also requested for Valorant to be on the Xbox. After all, Riot did offer the Xbox Game Pass to players as a microtransaction for the game. Yet, we have not seen any news regarding having the game on any console… until today.

Fans found a recent job listing on the Riot Games website, sparking rumors about a possible Valorant console beta. Since the success of the FPS title, Riot Games are also going to great lengths to further improve the experience. What better way to do that than to also include gamers in the console space?

The job list refers to an Associate Console Playtest Analyst. This also means that a console playtest is near. The role also indicates focusing on validation testing for upcoming gameplay experiences for Valorant. It also listed out other responsibilities, which included managing test plans for future tests and defects found during playtests.

Requirements also state that the applicant played console FPS games at a professional level. It also included that they must be Immortal or higher in Valorant.

This news also ties in with Executive Producer Anna Donlon’s statement about bringing Valorant to new platforms. Although, it is going slower than they expected. Riot has yet to confirm the details about the potential Valorant console beta. However, you should keep an eye on this news as we bring you more once we can. Until then, keep grinding the competitive queues.

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