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Is Valorant on Xbox: An In-Depth Look

Is Valorant on Xbox: An In-Depth Look

    Last Updated on June 21, 2023

The question “Is Valorant on Xbox?” circulated the internet for quite some time, and for good reason. We all know that Valorant is a 5v5 character-based tactical shooter that Riot Games developed. After all, it took the competitive FPS genre by storm, including the whole PC community. Yet, Valorant did not appear on the Xbox and PlayStation consoles.

Any fan of Viper or Reyna knows that the game is fast-paced mixed with a bit of strategic gameplay. It has tons of unique characters, also known as agents, that have different abilities. This is also the reason why tons of players eagerly await Valorant’s port.

Is Valorant on the Xbox?

Unfortunately, Valorant is not on the Xbox console. The FPS tactical shooter is only on PC but there is a reason for the question. Did you know that you can also buy the Xbox Game Pass for Valorant? The mere presence of the game pass gave hope to the console community, patiently waiting for the game.

Even more, PlayStation users are in the same boat. Unfortunately, Valorant is also unavailable for the PlayStation 4 & 5 consoles. Yet, the discovery of PlayStation icons in the game files caused an uproar about a potential release. Will we see Valorant on the PS5 soon? Unfortunately, Riot Games did not release any official confirmation so far.

Xbox Game Pass for Valorant

Executive Producer for Riot Games Valorant, Anna Donlin, announced in 2020 that they looked to bring Valorant to other platforms. It also left Xbox fans excited about the development of the plans and projects for Valorant. However, the recent entry of the 2023 Dev Diaries did not mention any progress about the plan. They also have not released a statement regarding the eagerly-awaited Valorant Mobile.

In the end, the Valorant community reiterates its support for a console release. The response from the fans about the possibility was and is still overwhelmingly positive. However, we also would like to point out that it would be interesting to see console features. After all, Valorant file miners also found Xbox controls in the game files, which means Riot is pondering the subject.

How Would This Affect the Tactical Shooter Industry

FPS tactical shooters on a console are not a new thing. After all, there are games like Call of Duty, Rainbow Six Siege, and Overwatch. These titles also have competitive scenes much like Valorant. Valorant is a new entry for the Xbox and PlayStation consoles that could give a fresh alternative for players.

We can also all expect that the release of a console port for Valorant would be an instant success. After all, the community does want it to happen. It also leads to more questions like “Is Valorant on Steam?” or “Is Valorant Mobile Worth the Wait?” However, we can wait for the official announcements since Riot made it clear that the idea interests them.

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