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Is Valorant on Mac? How to Start Playing

Is Valorant on Mac? How to Start Playing

    Last Updated on June 26, 2023

Yes, Valorant is on Mac. Although Riot Games has not officially supported macOS, you can still play the game on your Mac. There are also two ways to play, one using third-party software or none at all. However, it will take a bit of effort if you want to enjoy playing one of the most popular tactical-shooter FPS games.

Yet, it is also understandable why you might be reluctant to try these methods. After all, using any third-party software might void your warranty. However, you shouldn’t worry because we’re here to help. There is a simple way to start playing Valorant on your Mac device.

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How to Play Valorant on Mac?

Fortunately, Apple offers a tool called Boot Camp, which allows you to run Windows on your Apple system. Once you install this system, you can start playing Valorant with no issues on your macOS. It takes less than 20 minutes to complete the installation process on newer devices. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. To play Valorant on Mac, you must install the latest macOS updates.
  2. The Boot Camp Assistant tool to install Windows 10.
  3. You must also have 64GB or more free storage on your Mac startup disk.
  4. Try having a 64-bit version of Windows 10 Home or Windows 10 Pro on a disk image (ISO)

After that, you must start installing Windows on your Mac device to play Valorant. Unfortunately, Riot has yet to announce support for macOS devices. However, you shouldn’t worry because there are signs that they might expand to other platforms. A good example includes Valorant being on the Xbox sooner or later.

Start Playing Valorant on Mac Devices

How to Install Windows on Mac

Check Your Secure Boot

Checking your Secure Boot setting is crucial if you want to start playing Valorant on your Mac. If you previously changed it to No Security, change it back to Full Security.  Once you install Windows, you can use the Secure Boot setting without affecting your start-up time for Windows.

Use Boot Camp Assistant to Play Valorant on Mac

The Boot Camp Assistant tool is a macOS feature that allows you to use Windows on your Mac device. You can find the tool in the Utilities folder of your Applications folder. Once you’re there, follow the onscreen instructions.

If it asks you to insert a USB drive, plug your flash drive into the USB port on your Mac. Boot Camp will use it to create a bootable USB drive for Windows installation. Now is the time to remember your minimum storage- requirements from what we mentioned earlier. The tool will also ask you to set the size of your Windows partition, which is important if you want to play Valorant on Mac. After all, you can’t change the size of the partition later. So, make sure it meets your needs to start playing.

Format the Windows Partition (BOOTCAMP)

Once the Boot Camp Assistant tool finishes, you can restart your Mac with the Windows installer. Select the BOOTCAMP partition and click Format if the installer asks where to install Windows. However, no need to worry as much since it automatically does it for you

Install Windows to Play Valorant on Mac

Click Next and follow the instructions to begin installing Windows on your Mac device. However, you should note that you must remove any external devices that are not necessary during the installation.

After Windows installs, your Mac screen will open a window welcoming you to the Boot Camp installer. Follow the instructions and install Boot Camp alongside the Windows support software. Your Mac will ask you for a restart once it finishes.

All that’s left is to install Valorant and start playing on your Mac device. Undoubtedly, you can play on your macOS device. It just needs a few extra steps and additional effort to make it happen. So, are you ready to dominate the battlefield?

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